What if you saw all the ads right now on Facebook? Imagine the information, ideas, and revenue you could generate.

You no longer have to imagine. The Facebook Ad Library gives you free access to view all the ads currently in the Facebook ecosystem.

One of the largest advertising audiences on the Internet at an estimated 2.74 billion people and ridiculously competitive Cost-per-click $ 0.43, Facebook is one of the best places to advertise online.

Today, I’m going to show you how you can use your ad library to improve it and send the conversion rates for your Facebook ads to soar.

What is a Facebook Ad Library?

Facebook advertising library is a free public database of all ads currently active on Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. Users can view all the details of the ads, including the copy, the image, how long it has been running when it was released, and all the versions being tested in A / B format.

What is a Facebook ad library

Facebook originally opened the library improve the transparency of advertising platform and avoid allegations of lack of elections. However, the ad library is much more. It’s an incredibly powerful tool that marketers can use to make a difference Facebook advertising campaigns.

How do I get started with the Facebook ad library?

You do not need a Facebook account access the Facebook ad library, but you can’t take advantage of all its features, so you should get one. (If you want to advertise on Facebook, you should have one anyway.)

Start by searching for a brand and clicking on the name you want from the drop-down menu.

How to get started in the Facebook ad library - Home page search

You’ll now see a page showing information about the advertiser, including when the ad was created, the number of ads, and the location of the moderator.

How do I get started in the Facebook ad library - a Nike example

Scroll down to see the ads in the grid. You can click “View Ad Details” to see more information about a particular ad.

How do I get started in the Facebook ad library - see ad details

8 ways to use your Facebook ad library to create better ads

There are many different ways to leverage the power of your Facebook ad library to create better ads. Here are eight beginnings.

1. Familiarize yourself with ads from different industries

The first thing everyone does when using a Facebook ad library is to look for their competitors and see what ads they are showing. This is not only a completely natural reaction, but also makes business sense to spy on competitors.

However, don’t get caught up in your competitors. There are hundreds of industries, and you can learn a lot from everyone, no matter what high-end luxury store, insurance or law.

Start by looking for the brand you want and then look at its competitors. See what they have in common.

Next, take a little closer to your home and analyze the signs tangentially related to your own products. For example, if you have a dog-centric online store, you can look at cat or reptile brands to see what strategies they use.

Find one or two angles you don’t use and start testing.

2. Find similar ads and see what worked better

One of the most underrated features of the Facebook ad library is to see that different versions of the same ad brands are partially shared. A / B testing is an essential part of success with Facebook ads, but figuring out what to test is easier said than done.

This is what makes the Facebook ad library so effective. You can build an ad properties checklist within 10 minutes for the A / B test the next time you create an ad.

Best of all, you know they’re all worth testing because the world’s biggest brands test the same.

3. View trends by looking at active ads

Spend half an hour browsing the ad library to quickly see a few trends in layout, offer, and images. These trends need to be kept in mind, especially if ads in a certain format have been running for a long time.

But don’t feel the need to show the same ad as everyone else. While it’s important to understand what works and what doesn’t, you don’t want your ad to disappear into the list of faceless ads.

4. Check Ad Copy and Tone

Are your ads compelling? Do they sell? One way to tell is to compare them to the ads of the biggest brands in the industry (or any other industry).

Read a few dozen ads to quickly see the similarities between word selection, copy length, and tone. All the best copywriters get inspiration from previous ads.

Also note how long your ads have been running. You should pay attention to tried and tested ads, even if you don’t think they’re the best.

5. Identify other bidding opportunities

Selling products or courses is not the only use of Facebook ads. Browse our ad library and you’ll probably find dozens of other ideas and advertising opportunities.

For example, competitors may promote videos, e-books, or other content. Promoting your versions of these products is a great way build an email list and set your brand as an authority.

You’ll also find dozens of examples of branded ads that don’t advertise anything specifically and only increase brand awareness. If you want to grow your followers with ads, you can also find a lot of inspiration for it.

6. See which ad formats are long-lived

No one wants to create new Facebook ads every week. It is too time consuming.

The trick is to find a post that resonates in the very long run, and it’s easy with a Facebook ad library. Just search the database for a large advertiser, select only the active ads, and scroll to see the ads with the longest lifetimes.

Take notes on the media, copies, and offers used, and do the same with other major advertisers in the industry. If many long-running ads share the same tone or offer, this can help you create your own valuable ad.

7. Find effective media types

With the help of the Facebook ad library, you can find out what media other brands in the industry use in their ads. If a lot of advertisers use stories or carousels and you’re not, for example, it’s time to give it a try.

On the contrary, you may already be using the most popular type of media. If so, you can still get inspiration for other ways to accomplish it differently.

8. Find the best time to run your ads

Advertising isn’t the only thing to think about when it comes to ads. Timing is also critical. Your ads can live or die at the times you specify, so it’s a good idea to take a look at the tips of successful advertisers and take tips from them.

Around big sales days, like Valentine’s Day or Black Friday, you can also see in the ad library when competitors start showing their ads, so you won’t be left behind. You can even use historical data to win them next year.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Facebook Ad Library

How do I access the Facebook Ad Library?

You can use Facebook advertising library by clicking the link or visiting www.facebook.com/ads/library.

What is a Facebook Ad Library?

The Facebook Ad Library is a free database of all live Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger ads.

How does the Facebook ad library work?

You can search the library by entering the advertiser’s name. This will show you a complete list of all the ads that have been shown.

Is there a similar Google Ads library?

Google provides a policy-focused ad archive that it hopes will increase transparency. However, unlike Facebook, you can’t search for all ads on Google.

Is creating your own Facebook ad worth the money?

Absolutely! Facebook ads are the cheapest, most targeted, and most productive ads on the Internet.

Facebook Ad Library: Conclusion

Advertisers weren’t happy when Facebook made the ads available to everyone, but you should be happy. The Facebook ad library offers a huge opportunity for anyone who wants to update their information ads, nails down copy and send conversion rates soaring.

Whose ads are you going to see first?

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