In the past, parents and teachers reassured students that they would not get a job without a college degree. But with the success of people like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, opinions about college degrees have changed.

The students are now opt out alarmingly, mainly due to high tuition fees. Others feel stuck in the mud because their career paths require certified degrees from accredited colleges.

This, of course, makes sense: Don’t you want a self-taught doctor to work on a patient?
But if you’re aiming for a less demanding job, spending four years studying can be a waste of precious time.

This article will help you decide if your college degree is worth the effort, and reveal high-paying careers that don’t require a degree.

Why are university degrees no longer necessary?

Most people still think that a college degree is a sure ticket to a dream career. But this is no longer the case.

Here are the real reasons why university degrees are no longer necessary:

– Degrees don’t show your experience
In the hands of a potential employer, a university degree represents different things. It shows that you scaled to college and overcame all obstacles to enter their office.
Your degree also shows that you speak a common language with an employer in the field, no matter how thorough.

However, it does not reinforce your experience in a particular field. Sometimes the information you collect in college doesn’t turn into the real world.

– School curricula are limited
There is more to preparing for the demands of life than a university degree. Employers are more interested in what you offer as a professional than on paper.

College studies will mainly teach you the subject curriculum, but your planned career will require more. And you end up hiring make an essay to help you face tough school assignments.

You need soft skills such as confidence, teamwork and communication skills to get a job after graduation.

– College does not improve your skills
You hardly graduate from university as an expert in your field. Alternatively, you would hardly have scratched the basics.

No matter how high your grades are, a college degree just means you are a beginner with a thorough understanding of the basics.

Basically, college only allows you to meet exciting people on the way to becoming a professional. Everything else comes with work experience.

– Industries are changing rapidly
A bachelor’s degree may be earned, but as the tide changes, they become obsolete. The degree only represents the ground floor on which many years of continuous internship rest in many career areas.

In addition, industry requirements will change as more technology enters the workforce. So don’t rule out the possibility of retraining when you enter the job market.

6 lucrative careers that do not require higher education

For those who don’t want to invest in a four-year degree, this can give hope. Most companies now advertise jobs where your skills and experience are higher than your degree.

Let’s raise a few of them to the table:

– SEO Copywriter
Copywriters use search engine optimization techniques to create copies that increase a website’s search engine rankings. They like the visibility, density, style, and readability of your keywords when creating online content.

You can look for a job as a freelancer or work within a company. This career requires excellent copywriting skills and not a college degree.

– Computer expert
Computer experts help users with computer-related problems, such as installing new hardware or software.

This career requires minimal knowledge of coding and operating systems, and no university degree is required.

– Chef’s restaurant
Those with an innate love of cooking may want to consider cooking on a large scale. Restaurant chefs make a lot of money working in establishments that serve a variety of tasty dishes. They can be self-taught or trained by the Catering Academy.

– Security Analyst
With the increase in technological tools, information security has become a priority.
A security analyst evaluates and protects an organization’s digital systems.
Companies don’t care about your degree in this position. When you can protect their network from attacks, you are the right person for the job.

– Diagnostic medical sonograph
A diagnostic medical sonograph works with a physician to deliver ultrasound images to patients. Unlike doctors and nurses, you don’t need a college degree to get into this job.

Medical sonographs operate in hospitals, health centers, laboratories, and physician offices.
Some may earn degrees in sonography, while some may participate in one-year certification programs.

– Service Delivery Analyst
Service delivery analysts ensure that customers receive high-quality services by testing and improving the services provided. All you need is knowledge of service distribution software and not a four-year degree.

How to get a job without a university degree

Of course, high-paying IT jobs does not necessarily require a college degree, but you will have to do a heavy lifting yourself.

This requires careful planning and organizational skills to introduce yourself as a top candidate.
Here are ways to get a job without a degree:

– Obtain appropriate training
Not all jobs require certification. However, completing proper training in your field can get you on one foot in the room. Consider apprenticeships, industry-based certifications, associate degrees, and employer-based internships. These should prepare for the task and keep you one step ahead.

– Create an excellent resume
You should give your employer strong reasons to hire you among others. Think about the problem-solving skills and experiences you come to the table and use them to create a glossy resume.

– Get ready
When you expect a big call, do your homework in the company. Equip yourself with answers to essential questions that employers can ask in tests and interviews. Also learn about the company’s history and standards.

– Strengthen relationships in the field you want
People get jobs through other people’s personal referrals. So do your best to network with industry contacts. Showcase your abilities every now and then and let your contacts look at your resume and give you advice. You can also create a social media page to showcase your skills.


Do you still think you need a college degree to get a job right now? Whatever you decide, keep your eyes open for change and prepare to adapt.

Life after college shows you that skills have replaced degrees, but you don’t have to wait until then to find out.

University degrees may be cool to own, but who says you have to? Don’t be afraid to invest in your abilities!



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