One of the best things your business can do to help customers is to respond to their queries immediately. Because there is an ongoing choice between chatbots and live chat software, it’s hard to decide what works best for your business. To ease the pain and free you from confusion, we have listed some ways you can decide which chat software is better for your website. Before that, tell us what chat bots and live chat software are.

Chatbots were invented primarily to remove the limitations that people face on a daily basis. Professor Björn Schuller, a computer scientist at Imperial College London, said: “This is the next generation of intelligence to be met in everyday experience. It will probably come up earlier and help people in the right direction. “Even after chatbots are fairly fast and responsive, they are quite sophisticated to use and have several limitations.

On the other hand, live-chat software is a basic service communication channel that connects a potential customer or customer service manager. Instead of automated responses, real people are ready to support all customer inquiries.

In the current situation, the business environment is changing really fast. They can’t decide which one would be best for them. So to remove the bad weather, let’s go ahead and compare chatbot and live chat software.

Below are the top five ways to decide which software is best for your website.

If human touch is important to your customers, live chat solutions can help you increase customer satisfaction through face-to-face conversations. On the other hand, chat bots that provide a humanized touch are difficult in many situations. They may not understand complex customer problems that can be better solved through people.

Chat software overwhelms people in this regard by quite a large number. When it comes to numbers, the chatbot works 24x7x365, which also enhances the user experience of your website. The most beneficial aspect of chatbots is their ability to work easily with many customers. Chatbot can get around for hours without even asking for breaks, money, and it also saves time for better note-taking.

Sometimes work doesn’t require you to stay awake all the time. Instead, it requires human touch to follow. In such cases, live chat offers a lot of benefits. It helps to handle queries better, but the solutions offered are also much better.

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In summary, if your business needs to respond to customers within 30 seconds, chatbot’s first contact may be ideal for your business. However, if your customers aren’t very time sensitive and want to chat with a real person, live chat is a better option.

For better support, you can also start conversations with the chatbot to address frequently asked questions and route complex queries to the live support team.

If your business receives more than about 1,000 visitors a day, one live agent can handle them all. To solve the problems of these visitors, you need a huge number of agents and then provide them with training for a better solution. This requires a lot of money and time. In this situation, however, the chatbots are simple and easy to install. The workload of a single chatbot would still be higher than what a team of 20 could do.

In summary, if you are a beginner and cost is a key business factor for your business, chatbot is the best solution. It helps automate businesses without resources. On the contrary, live chat may be a better option when customers are looking for a detailed explanation of all the complex queries.

Understanding the complexity of any problem is not something that can be done with an AI-based chatbot. If the site has a human presence, you can be sure that the situation will be handled much better. Your website chat software is basically full of automated responses that you may not understand what another is saying. They work with specific keywords.

If you have a complex problem and the chatbot is not coded, you will get the most random and stupid answers that can shut down customers. People are used to a conversation with a different slang, it’s short and feels relaxed.

Emotions are the biggest used tool where people win all the software in the world. When dealing with a customer, people can not only arouse emotions, but also feel them to rule out certain problems. In addition to being empathetic, people can easily make one line humorous, sarcastic, or even fun to read at the same time.

These are some things where chatbots can never surpass people. They are completely artificial intelligence-based, with no emotions of any kind (at least so far). However, a chatbot can give smart answers, but it can never bypass people in connecting.


The best way to deal with this confusion is to use both chat software together. This provides a better customer-oriented service that can work wonders for your business. Once you understand the pros and cons of live chats and chatbots, you need to have better insights that are more ideal than what you get by using one of them.


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