The ProgrammableWeb team is busy daily updating their three primary directories APIs, customers (language libraries or SDKs for consuming or providing APIs) and source code samples. If you have new APIs, clients or Source code examples to be added to ProgrammableWeb directories, we provide forms (APIs, Customers, Source code) on sending them to us API research group. If there is a list in any of our directories that you would like to own, please contact us at

Eight APIs have been added to the program Programmable network directory categories, including Cryptocurrency, Fire, and COVID-19. Highlights include the API NFT Marketplace, OpenSea and payroll data API. Here is a summary of the latest additions.


OroraTech APIFollow this API provides a forest fire intelligence service that includes risk assessment maps, satellite identification data, early detection alerts, wildfire prediction using algorithms, real-time monitoring and damage analysis. Data is returned in standard formats such as JSON, WMTS and GeoJSON. Register for access. This API is listed Fire category.

LAPIS on “Lightweight API for Sequence”, an open web APIFollow this API enables querying of public SARS-CoV-2 sequencing data. Use it to filter sequences based on metadata or mutations, to aggregate data by any metadata field, or to obtain sequences in FASTA format (aligned or unaligned). This API is listed COVID-19 category.

The main is a non-exchangeable marketplace for tokens (NFT or ERC721 based products). Users can create a wallet, create an NFT collection, list them for sale, and purchase them with OpenSea. OpenSea APIFollow this API provides ERC721 asset retrieval and management. Methods are available to manage assets, transactions, account objects, OpenSea lists, and more. This API is listed Cryptocurrency category.

StockGeist is monitoring the mood of the stock market Chassis. StockGeist APIFollow this API allows users to follow more than 2,200 companies mentioned on social media in real time. Methods are available to retrieve metrics for articles, prices, messages, topics, and investments in stock symbols, credits, and criteria. This API is listed Stocks category.

CURP APIFollow this API provides KYC information on Mexican parties. The API allows developers to verify CURP (Mexican Citizens ‘and Residents’ Personal Identities) and personal information through a simple REST Vanishing point. Find this API Identity category.

Barcode creator APIFollow this API Allows applications to encode text or numbers into standard barcodes, including EAN-13, JAN-13, UPC-A, ISBN, ISSN, code 128-A, code 128-B, code 128-C. It is listed below Barcodes.

Linguin APIFollow this API provides a language detection service as a service TO as well as people. The API can recognize 173 languages ​​and trust points in JSON format. The Linguin API is listed Language (s) category.

Reloading Gift Card APIFollow this API allows developers to add gift card programs to applications. API methods are available to manage gift card programs, discounts, events, orders, and more. It is listed below Talent.


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