Problems with Discord, such as billing or phone verification?

Or do you want to give feedback?

If so, you have to contact Discord Support of use.

You can contact Discord in several ways depending on what you need.

Before contacting Discord Support, try to resolve the issue yourself first.

You can do that by visiting Discord Help Center.

The Help Center contains articles account settings to permissions.

Just find the category where you need help and go to the article that best fits the problem.

For example, if you need help with account settings, go to the Account Settings category.

In this article, you will learn 3 ways to contact Discord for help and feedback.

How to contact Discord

If you would like to contact Discord, you can either send a request, share your feedback, or send an email

But first you can try to solve the problem yourself by reading the articles Discord Help Center.

The Help Center includes various articles common problems you may encounter with Discord.

Categories include “Discord’s Interface”, “Account Settings”, “Getting Started” and more.

For example, if you have questions about your account settings, select the Account Settings category.

Then go to the article that best fits your question or problem.

If you are still unable to resolve the issue, you can contact Discord directly sending a request or sending an email.

On the Submit Request page, you can describe your problem and send it to the Discord support team.

Discord will review your request and respond via the email address you provided.

Alternatively, you can email Discord directly

Here are 3 ways to contact Discord:

  1. send request
  2. Share Your Feedback
  3. Email conflict

1. Submit a request

The first way is to send a request to Discord.

By sending a request to Discord, you can contact Discord directly.

It is also the best way to reach Discord.

To get started, open Google and search for “Discord Support.”

Then click the “Submit Request” link.

Alternatively, you can click this link send request:

How to contact Discord

After clicking the link, you will be taken to the “Submit Request” page.

On this page, you can send a request to the Discord support team.

First you have to select the category of your problem.

Click “What can we help you with?” drop-down menu.

Then click on the category of your problem.

For example, if you need help and support, click “Help and Support.”

Second, you have to Enter your email address In the Your Email Address field.

You can enter the email address you used to create your Discord account.

Next you have to select the type of question that you have.

Click the “Question Type” button. from the drop-down menu and select the question type.

Submit a request from Discord

After selecting the question type, scroll down the page.

In the “Question Type” section? from the drop-down menu, you’ll see the Subject field.

Offer the topic of your problem In the “Subject” field.

For example, if you want to change your age, the subject of the request should be “I need help changing my age”.

Second, you have to give a description of your problem In the “Description” field.

Try to be as precise as possible so that Discord can point you in the right direction.

In the Description field you can more attachments.

However, the addition of annexes is only necessary for certain topics, such as changing age.

If you want to change your age on Discord, you will need to attach a photo of your identity.

Finally, click “Submit” to send your request to Discord.

Discord will usually respond within 24 to 48 hours via the email address you provide.

2. Share your feedback

Conflicting feedback

Discord encourages users to share their feedback so they can improve the app.

If you want to give feedback, you need to go to the “Feedback” page.

The Feedback page is located in the Discord Help Center.

First, visit Discord Help Center and click “Feedback” at the top of the navigation bar.

After clicking Feedback, you will be taken to the Community Topics page.

Alternatively, you can click this link visit the “Feedback” page:

At the bottom of the “Community Topics” page, you’ll see a “New Post” button.

Click “New Post” make a new post.

After clicking “New Post”, you will be taken to the Discord login page.

You must first share your Feedback log in to Discord.

Enter your email address and password in the Email and Password fields.

Then click “Login” to log in to your Discord account.

Send your feedback to Discord

Once you’ve logged in to your Discord account, you’ll go to “What’s your message?” page.

The page contains 2 fields and 1 drop-down menu.

First, enter a title for your feedback in the “Title” field.

Next, give feedback In the “Details” field.

Here is an example of someone’s feedback:

Then you have to select a topic your feedback.

Click the “Topic” drop-down menu and select a topic related to the feedback.

For example, if your feedback is about a text chat, select “Text Chat.”

Finally, click “Submit” to send feedback to the Discord community.

3. Email conflict

Discord email

The last way to contact Discord is to send them an email.

Disagreements official email address Is

This has been fetched from this answer Discord from the official account on Twitter.

You must include the subject of your problem and a description of it in the email.

In addition, you must use email associated with your Discord account.

After sending your email, you will have to wait 24 to 48 hours for Discord to respond.


In addition to the three methods mentioned in this article, you can also contact us Disagreements on Twitter.

Discord is very active on Twitter and responds quickly.

If you have any questions, you can put a tweet on it and mark @discord.

You can also send a direct message to Discord by clicking the “Mail” icon on their Twitter profile.

Discord receives a lot of support requests every day, so you have to be prepared to wait for a response for a while.

In most cases, it takes 24-48 hours.

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