3.96 billion people are active on social media. This gives companies a great advantage in reaching their ideal customers through their marketing campaigns. Running social media marketing campaigns on top channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even TikTok can help your business turn more users into loyal customers within your budget. But before you start your campaign, it’s important that you take care of several things behind the scenes to ensure the success of your marketing efforts.

1. Set a clear goal

The first thing you need to decide in your marketing campaign is your goals. Want to get more customers through shopping or negotiations? Or do you focus more on awareness and hope to get more people to interact with your content? The goal of social media marketing should be in line with the overall goal of your business. This is clearly defined in advance and decided measurable KPIs such as the number of purchases, filling out forms, or even likes, will help you get the best results for your campaigns.

2. Create a timeline

The next step in your planning process is to create a timeline. This timeline should include when you plan to launch your marketing campaign and what you need to do to reach that date. Tasks such as digital collateral design, build landing pages that produce resultsand content creation should be on this timeline. It’s important to decide on a timeline that you can really meet long before announcing your lauch to the public. The last thing you want to know a week before the launch is that all your important assets are missing.

3. Select your social channels

One of the biggest parts of your marketing strategy is defining where you divide your campaign. Are you going to stay among the top three social media platforms? Or are you expanding your marketing campaign to other channels like YouTube or Google? Start by figuring out who is ideal for your audience and where they spend their time. For example, if your ideal customer is 18-21, Tik Tok can be a good place for your business. If your audience is driven by more 32-45 year olds, you might want to check out Facebook. Don’t just select a channel because it’s popular. The most important part of any social media campaign is to deliver your content and ads to the right people.

4. Start your campaign

Once you’ve got all your assets in order and created a silly strategy, you’re ready to launch your campaign! Be prepared to answer customer questions or questions on the release date. If this campaign is related to a big sale, ask several team members to make sure the start goes smoothly. If hiccups occur, it doesn’t hurt. Follow your campaign closely in the early days of the release and be prepared to make changes as needed.

The success of marketing campaigns is decided long before the official launch of a sale or promotion. When you get the songs together behind the scenes, you get the best chance of getting ideal results for your efforts.

Only 43% of companies say their marketing campaigns are effective.

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