The walrus was Paul. The Paul was Beck.

Screenshot by CNET

He’s a Beatle, baby, not a loser this time. In a new video using deepfake technology, which appears to be a younger version, so much younger than today, of Paul McCartney is seen dancing in a hotel hallway and other stages. Finally, in a disturbing scene, Young McCartney removes a mask to reveal himself as lead singer Beck. It turns out it was all a video for Find My Way, a song by the two musicians on the McCartney III remix album Imagined.

Deepfakes are always disturbing, and this one, showing a McCartney in his twenties or thirties when the real singer is 79, can be more disturbing than most. The video has been uploaded Youtube on June 22, and in one day, was viewed over 2 million times.

“Paul’s dead crew is going to go completely nuts about this,” a YouTube commentator said, of course referring to the urban legend claiming that McCartney died in 1966 and was replaced by a lookalike. McCartney himself even joked about the rumor naming a 1993 album Paul Is Live.

Another YouTube viewer said: “It was weird watching a young McCartney in a modern context like this.”

Deepfakes use artificial intelligence to make it look like a person is doing or saying things they haven’t done or said, like with these Tom Cruise is on the sidelines. They’re often very well done and could be used to spread false information, although this one in particular is for entertainment purposes only and McCartney was obviously in on the concept. In fact, McCartney himself shared the video on Instagram, with the caption: “Step back in time and on the dance floor.”

In addition to Beck, the album features famous faces remixing songs from the 2020 McCartney III album, the 18th solo album by the former Beatle. Artists featured on the album include Idris Elba, Phoebe Bridgers, Josh Homme and St. Vincent.


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