In the Fintech industry, STO has become the latest trend. STO is currently also considered the best option for ICO. But to get more returns to reach a wider audience, you need to make sure your STO marketing strategy is in the right place.

But if you are already using it but you are not able to get decent results. The reason may be that you are doing things wrong. What may be wrong is given below.

Where did your STO marketing strategy go wrong?

You do not have the right website:

When you aOnce the marketing strategy has begun, the website is considered the most important part. Regardless of the location of the investor, the website is their first point of interaction according to popularity STO marketing company. We all understand the importance of first impressions, so if you end up confused, you fail.

Work on your website and make it an informative and top-notch professional. The website serves as STO’s face. Therefore, it must be like a summary of the company.

Here are some guidelines to follow when creating a homepage:

  1. Include lots of relevant media, such as images, videos, and infographics, to make your website look rich.
  2. Go through all the investor questions through the website and answer all of them.
  3. The website you create must be equally well structured and clean.
  4. Use white paper that is not only easy to access, it should also describe the project.
  5. You need to convince investors that suppliers and people are interested in your business. In such situations, you need to consider the press release section.
  6. Include contact information and information for all people working in the background.

You are not using social media properly:

Currently, social media is very popular and used by most companies around the world. STO can use social media in the same way for marketing a security code that provides development but in a slightly different way.

When you start, build your presence on all social media platforms. Focus more on Twitter and LinkedIn. However, there are several other social platforms, such as Reddit. But these are not potential enough to influence the target audience to some extent. It may even be possible that your audience is not on such platforms.

If you want to communicate with potential investors and the general public, use Facebook and Twitter to the best of their ability. Share all the content you make on social media platforms, and they will help you create a concrete follower base that will ultimately strengthen your credibility.

You are not prepared to comply with all laws:

A security company providing the security code, must comply with the law. This is a unique feature of STO that distinguishes it from ICO. It is very important that you meet all the requirements for legality before starting an STO.

With the help of STO, the goal is to attract established investors with a stable financial base. Investors receive all the legal details of the STO, unlike private investors.

So you need to be sure that you are ready to submit all the legal documents in the right place so that you can present them to potential investors. You can also try consulting STO lawyers for a better understanding of the requirements.

You are missing a blog:

Just like an effective website, you also need an interesting and active blog in order for STO to attract more investors. Include valuable and in-depth articles, infographics, and statistics that show why investing in your own STO development company is fertile. People need a good volume to believe your blog.

To strengthen your authority in the industry, you need to focus on making informative and high quality blog posts. To attract traffic, you need to make an effort at the beginning.

You did not try the newsletter:

The security code provided by development and marketing is not only attracting investors, but also helping to retain potential investors. Email marketing does it best. Start getting started with email marketing with a monthly or weekly magazine.

Newsletters are a place where users sign up to acquire and read the content you provide. Newsletters keep investors up to date on all your accomplishments and provide information to readers to inspire them.


Therefore, a solid STO marketing plan will allow you to identify and bring in the right audience, gain their trust, and ultimately convert them. But before you start, do strong research, build a solid strategy and prepare your team so that it becomes a cake walk for you. Choose professional STO solutions so you don’t go wrong with your STO marketing strategy.


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