• Senator Tom Cotton tweeted on Friday that the United States had an “under-incarceration problem”.
  • The United States has more people incarcerated per 100,000 population than any country on Earth.
  • Cotton spoke about the recent increase in crime in some American cities.

Senator Tom Cotton said on Friday that the country that incarcerates more people per capita than any other has an “under-incarceration problem.”

Cotton, a Republican from Arkansas, tweeted a clip of himself speaking on Fox News about the increased crime is currently happening in some American cities.

“This is all the result of naive and stupid policies that allow prisoners to get out of prison early, sometimes because of false claims that we have an over-incarceration problem in this country or exaggerated fears about the coronavirus,” Cotton said. .

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He tweeted with the video: “We are facing a historic crime wave and Democrats are advocating for violent and repeat offenders to be released from prison earlier.”

“We have a problem of under-incarceration,” he added.

The United States has more prisoners per 100,000 population than any country in the world, according to data compiled by the Prison memory of the world.


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