The Federal Trade Commission on Friday asked a federal judge to give it more time to re-file an antitrust lawsuit against Facebook which is the agency’s biggest test to harness the power of big tech.

In a file filed with the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, the agency requested a three-week extension, or until Aug. 19, to change a lawsuit the court dismissed last month. The FTC said in its request that it had reached an agreement with Facebook on the proposed extension.

Federal Court Judge James E. Boasberg last month overturned a central argument made by the FTC, claiming that prosecutors had not provided enough convincing facts to support the claim that Facebook has a monopoly on social media. But the judge gave the FTC a 30-day window to re-file his lawsuit.

The retrial will be the first major action by Lina Khan, the new FTC president and critic of Facebook, Google and Amazon who has advocated for the break-up of digital platforms.


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