is the perfect tool for anyone looking for a project management tool for their business and easier workflow. Managing different departments and monitoring all processes can be difficult in a large company. is an easy-to-use and powerful job management tool that allows you to integrate it with all the tools you use. is the perfect project management tool to help you with marketing, customer relationship management and sales, IT, human resource management and recruitment, software design, task handling, creative processes, etc. from one place. Many of the world’s leading companies, such as Coca-Cola, Adobe, BBC, Hulu, Universal, etc., rely on in their operations.


Founded in 2012, has been developed as a project management cloud software for task management, reducing stress and improving team productivity. It provides users with many features, such as a color feature that highlights the current status of projects and team members. This article contains the information you need on

Important information:

  • Site –
  • Established year – 2012
  • Headquarters – Israel
  • Twitter –
  • Facebook page –

features has great features that help provide a unique experience for users;

  • Intuitive interface
  • Effective cooperation
  • Excellent support
  • Available in several languages
  • Drag and drop
  • Deadlines
  • Prioritization of tasks
  • Time tracking of projects
  • Previous models

Order pricing has several plans according to user needs. Starting for free, it rises to the entrepreneurial level.

Individual – free

The free package is for people with a small project who want to manage and track their work.

Basic – $ 8 per place per month

The basic plan is the cheapest that offers and includes all the features of the Individual package. You can view all projects and data on Kanban disks and use 5GB of storage. You will need to upgrade if you want more storage space. Activity logs are only available for one week, and you don’t know who changed the information after that time.

Standard – $ 10 per seat per month

You get your money’s worth with the Standard plan because you have access to several features. For example, get up to 250 automations and integrations per month and combine about five dashboards into one dashboard.
Guests can use the workflow management system, and you can use the Timeline, Gantt, or Calendar view to view the information. User activity will be monitored forever and the available storage will increase to 50GB in this plan.

Pro – $ 16 per seat per month

The Pro package is designed for teams that need to manage complex projects with different integrations and automations. 25,000 automations and integrations are allowed per month, and the control panel can handle up to 10 disks. In addition, there is a private and Chart view, as well as a Dependency and Formula column.

Enterprise – Custom prices based on features

The business plan is’s flagship and is made for large organizations that need elite-level oversight, security and support. There is no fixed price, as it varies according to the adaptations and installations of the project needs.

For more information on priced plans, see the price page here.

Pros and cons is a widely used app, and we know this because it has over 100,000 teams. Read through the pros and cons of


  • Easily manage everything from one place – Naturally, it is impossible to run a large company on a single computer or server. makes it easier for you because you can now plan, work, track, and deliver all your tasks from one full workspace. In addition, you get everything you need to share the work among team members and track progress.You can use Work in any way you want. Different projects have different requirements, and you get a lot of flexibility on Stay up to date on your schedules and make sure everything is done on time.
  • Sign up and get started in minutes – The best part about is that you can easily sign up via email and run a free 14-day trial without entering credit card information. If you are happy, you can buy one of the plans available, and each plan has a different price based on its features. Choose the one that works best for you, don’t pay too much for things you don’t need. When you set up your account, you’ll see different templates to use, helping you with project management, video production, and more.
  • KeEP database with unique visuals and templates – It’s hard to keep track of information in writing, and you have to mess up. allows you to choose from a variety of work templates and customize them to suit your needs. Take advantage of calendars, maps, notes, timeline, Kanban, etc. to view and view data. Processing data can get bored and stressful, but the creative designs and display types on ensure you enjoy your project. . The creative design and easy-to-use interface make it a hit with customers.
  • Define individual tasks and get reports – Keeping one eye on the real progress of a project and assigning tasks to staff based on it can be a difficult task. will help simplify this task for you by helping you assign individual tasks to your team members. In addition, there is a timeline where you can see the projects and progress made. See how each member contributes to the product and what all the tasks he does. The tool also provides great ways to get reports from your employees and make sure everything goes as planned.
  • Automated processes save time – Many projects and tasks involve automated procedures where you have to do the same thing over and over again. Unfortunately, the reality is that many people make unnecessary mistakes and mistakes when doing such things. lets you create automated processes that happen on their own without human intervention. As a result, all repetitive work is done in seconds without the risk of human error.
  • Integrate existing tools into your Work OS – It’s even easier to work on because, in addition to the key features of Work OS, you also have the luxury of integrating with other third-party tools and software. You can continue to use them on for those who have spent money on tools like Shopify, Dropbox, Linked In, etc.
  • Mobile site and your own smartphone app – Technology has advanced a lot, and during busy times, people want to do some of their work directly from smartphones. The good news is that has a great mobile site that you can easily access from your browser to manage your work and projects. You can even download the dedicated Android and Apple app for Work OS to your phone. So you can keep an eye on your projects and ensure that tasks run smoothly right from your phone.


  • Integration issues – allows integration with a few sites, but they also need to be managed; it would be better if they allow a few more third party integrations and allow users to integrate into application selection instead of being approved by the administrator.
  • The mobile app is not working well – The mobile app, especially the iPhone app, is having issues; it doesn’t update well and even has problems displaying the dashboard correctly. Users have complained about the same and asked for improvement.
  • Confusing interface – has a disordered interface and it takes more time to understand before users can understand it.

Customer service has a helpful and supportive customer service team that is available 24 hours a day to help you solve problems. In addition, the official website has its own support page, and you can send your inquiry there for a quick response.


What are’s options and top competitors?

While is one of the complete job management tools, it has some drawbacks. Some people prefer to use other tools, and here’s a list of’s best competitors

  • Asana
  • Basecamp
  • Wrike
  • Click Up
  • Trello

Does it offer a free trial?

Yes, is offering a free trial for 14 days, after which you must select your order. In addition, it has a free plan for people with limited but essential features.


After looking at everything has to offer our users, we concluded that it is one of the best project management tools. The features and services on offer are top notch at the price they demand.

Just like all other software, has its own drawbacks, but we can say that the benefits outweigh the disadvantages comfortably. That’s why we recommend all companies join and manage all workloads better and more efficiently.


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