Do you have screens with apps that you only use occasionally? Or maybe you want to rearrange the order in which your screens appear when you swipe your finger? Beginning in iPad 15, you can hide and rearrange your iPad screens. Here’s how.

How to hide iPad screens

Everyone organizes their devices differently. You can have one screen with all your games, or one with all your business apps. Maybe you don’t access apps on these screens often. By simply hiding a screen, you can more easily access the ones you use the most. If you change your mind, you will be able to display your screen again later, as we will explain shortly.

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Press and hold anywhere on the screen to enter edit mode. You will see your app icons shake. Next, tap the screen slider at the bottom, just above your Dock.

Enter jiggle mode and tap the screen cursor

You will then see all your iPad screens in one place. Each should have a check mark below. These indicators mean that you can see these screens when you swipe your finger.

Screen editing, check marks to display screens

Tap to uncheck the screen you want to hide. Tap “Done” in the upper right corner when finished and “Done” once more to exit edit mode.

Uncheck the screens to hide them, tap Done

To note: When you hide screens on your iPad, new apps you download will automatically be placed in the App Library rather than your Home screen.

Now, when scrolling through your screens, you should no longer be able to see the ones you have hidden! If you change your mind later, come back to the same edit box and mark the screen (s) you want to display.

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How to rearrange iPad screens

One of the best organizations features with iPadOS 15 is the ability to rearrange your screens. If you have a lot of screens, each containing apps and folders, this is the perfect way to move things around as you like.

The screen layout goes left to right, just like the way you read a book. So if you have four screens, you can see in the screenshot below in which order they will fall when you swipe right.

Screen layout on an iPad

Follow the same steps above to enter edit mode for screens. Press and hold until you see your icons move, then tap the screen cursor.

Enter jiggle mode and tap the screen cursor

When you see all of your screens, tap, hold, and drag a screen to another location in the grid. By doing this, you will see the other screens move away. Release to drop the screen into place. You can do this with all of your screens, including the main home screen.

Drag a screen to move it

When you are finished, press “Done” to close the Screens view and press “Done” again to exit edit mode.

Tap Done after rearranging the screens

Having control over which screens appear and in what order they do so is a wonderful feature on iPad.

If you want to see your apps on the big screen, try mirror your iPad on your Apple TV.


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