Google recently announced a new beta program for Android Auto, as the company wants more users to contribute to what it describes as a “best version“of the application.

New Android Auto The beta allows anyone to try out new features early on, essentially giving the community the ability to install preview versions of the app and then send feedback to Google to help refine the experience before the. production channel is reached.

Android Auto beta versions have been around for a long time, but due to the limited number of slots available, only a few people were lucky enough to install the early versions of the app.

With this new announcement, Google is essentially opening the Android Auto beta program to everyone, leaving the world “test the correct operation of the new functions with a specific telephone and vehicle.

Being part of the program is just a matter of seconds, and everything works pretty much like before. Just go to this page and run the “Become a tester“interface where you can sign up with your Google account to receive the first versions of Android Auto. The same Google account must be used on the phone on which you plan to install the first versions of Android Auto.

Keep in mind, however, that installing beta versions of Android Auto comes with an increased likelihood of bugs. These are raw versions of the app that Google wants to improve using your feedback, so if you run into an issue in any of the early versions, be sure to report it to the company.

Android Auto is growing slowly but steadily, with Google itself revealing earlier this year that more than 100 million cars already provide access to the wireless version of the application.

Android Auto Wireless is now available to anyone with an Android 11 phone, as Google has removed a restriction limiting this feature to only certain Pixel and Samsung phones.



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