Technically, when it comes to using file extensions in your URLs, it really doesn’t matter what you use for ranking purposes. .PHP, .HTML, .ASP, etc. – It doesn’t matter. But if you use image-based file extensions for web-based file extensions, it can lead to Google search confusion for a while.

So if you use .GIF for a .HTML website, it can lead to confusing Google, said Google John Mueller. John wrote Twitter “The only SEO effect I can think of is accidental file extensions that confuse things. For example, a web page that ends in ‘.gif’ will probably have trouble retrieving for web search. If UX says ‘no’ & there is no SEO benefit , I skip it anyway. “

Here is this tweet:

I mean, it makes sense. Do not use the .JPG file extension for .PHP on your website.

I guess Google would figure it out over time, but still it doesn’t make any sense.

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