When you use a WhatsApp business number, you can use two types of messages. If the customers you want to send a message to have interacted with your business number in the last 24 hours, you can send them session messages.

But if these customers haven’t interacted with your WhatsApp business number in the last 24 hours, you need to send them message templates.

You can take advantage of templates for notifications, delivery information, payment information, appointment reminders, etc.

  • They can be sent to customers who have exceeded the 24-hour time window since the last interaction.
  • They can be sent to users who have not yet been connected to your business number.
  • They can be used to display interactive buttons on WhatsApp

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In the control panel, select the WhatsApp Company account and go to Templates.

Now you need to hit Add Model

Creating a WhatsApp template

Give your model a name. It should contain only lowercase letters, numbers, and underscores.

Select the language you want to use in your model. You must also select the category to which your model belongs. Here are the options:

  • Automatic answer
  • Account update
  • Payment update
  • Personal finance update
  • Booking update
  • Appointment update
  • Delivery update
  • Problem solving
  • Transport update
  • Ticket update
  • Notification update

Now choose whether you want Standard (text only) or Media template.‍

1. Standard models (text only)

2. Media models

Titles can be text, images, videos, or documents. Your body, like a footer, can only be text-based. The buttons may include one-touch buttons or call-to-action buttons. Call-to-action buttons can be used to prompt your customers to visit a website or call a phone number.

Once you’ve created a WhatsApp message template, you’ll need to send it to WhatsApp for approval. This can be done directly from the 360Dialog portal where the message template is created.

1. Number confirmation

Sample code:

curly – location – request a POST notification ‘https://waba.360dialog.io/v1/contacts’

– title ‘D360-API-KEY: prD9dtBw7GNRsYVb1kuTgsMcnnAK’

– title ‘Content-Type: application / json’

– raw data ‘

“Block”: “wait”,

“Contact information”: [



“Force_check”: true

} ‘

Number confirmation

The answer you receive contains wa_id. You need to use this in the “to” section of the wa_id template.

Sample answer:

Number confirmation response

2. Execute the template API

curly location – request POST notification ‘https://waba.360dialog.io/v1/messages’

– title ‘D360-API-KEY: prD9dtBw7GNRsYVb1kuTgsMcnnnAK’

– title ‘Content-Type: application / json’

– raw data ‘

“To”: “917366879580”,

“Type”: “model”,

“stencil”: {

“Nominal status”: “b1529400_23d1_43ba_8a55_858f48b97annfb”,

“Name”: “order”,

“Language”: {

“Code”: “en”,

“Politics”: “deterministic”


“Components”: [







{ “type”:”text”,



{ “type”:”text”,



{ “type”:”text”,



{ “type”:”text”,





} ‘

  • The components resist
  • Parameters-objects
  • HSM objects
  • Language objects

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