The pattern collects – Browse this curated image gallery online.
Example of Pattern Collect

Planning for the unexpected – Thoughts when planning situations and equipment that you did not anticipate.
An example of design for the unexpected

SlopeArt – Try this feature-packed, web-based CSS gradient editor.
Example: GradientArt

The current state of the homepage UX – 8 common pitfalls – An overview of how well different e-commerce sites are doing, as well as the necessary things in your own projects.
An example of the current state of the home page UX - 8 common bear

CSS Reform: Introduction (Part 1) – Dive into analyzing your code, identifying vulnerabilities and creating solutions.
Example of CSS Rebuilding: Introduction (Part 1) – Interesting ideas for moving beyond web-based design.
Example of a file

Is it time for web designers to stop the slider? – The slider was once a comprehensive solution. But maybe it’s outdated for its usefulness?
Example: Is it time for web designers to stop the slider?

down the line – Use this free JavaScript library to create a simple text editor.
An example of inLine

New CSS reset – Remove the default browser style for HTML elements with this updated traditional CSS reset setting.
Example of a new CSS restore

Items that every web designer should have in their office – A collection of things that will improve your office from the basics to the frivolous.
An example of items that every web designer should have in their office

10 free CSS snippets for creating responsive price tables – Build a complete price list for your project using these code snippets.
Example 10 of a free CSS snippet for creating responsive price tables

Pictures – Use this Figma plugin to bring high quality free drawings to your project.
Example of pictures

Boxes – Download this collection of beautifully simple vector icons.
An example of Boxicons

CSS bookmarks for testing and correction – How to build and test your own bookmarks, with lots of examples.
Example of CSS bookmarks for testing and correction

Top 15 Free Graffiti Fonts – Create something that stands out from these free graffiti fonts.
Example 15 of the best free graffiti font – This online tool doubles the size of the uploaded image and reduces noise.
Example from

How to Network Properly: Networking for Designers 101 – How to take a refreshing approach to networking.
An example of networking correctly: Networking for designers 101

SketchKeys – These stickers provide a convenient way to learn different keyboard shortcuts. Available for Figma, Sketch, Photoshop and others.
An example of SketchKeys


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