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Summers in Tokyo, Like most regions in Asia-Pacific, they are both hot and humid, and are unfortunately the cause of many heat-related illnesses.

By – report Caretaker, there has been a growing concern that this could lead to more cases of heat stroke at the Tokyo Olympics, especially with staff who can spend entire days in direct sunlight.

Helps protect for Olympic staff, Alibaba has designed a cloud-based in-ear device to help measure their body temperature and heart rate to warn of a sign of heat stroke. Staff members at risk of heat stroke receive real-time alerts on their smartphones as well as precautions.

As per Engadget, Tokyo reported nearly 200 heat deaths last year, which could only get worse as athletes and staff members look forward to today’s hottest Summer Olympics.

Hopefully Alibaba heat stroke device, those exposed to outdoor heat are monitored and updated with the obligation to keep them safe from heat-related diseases.

[via Engadget, cover image via lazyllama / Shutterstock.com]



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