From scrolling animations to website load testing, from typing to design portfolios, from WordPress guides to a voice interface – these and many more topics are covered in this week’s summary of all the web design and development articles we’ve found on the Internet over the last seven days. Wait and see!

10 tutorials and a guide to learning Affinity Designer Creative nerds

Affinity is a great and less expensive alternative to Photoshop. Affinity is available for mac, window, and Ipad, so it’s available on multiple devices. It is a great application for creating concept art, print projects, logos, icons, interface plans, templates and more. It has become a staple application that is widely used by many […]

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The pictures are hard.

Placing images on websites is incredibly simple, yes? Actually, yes, it is. You use and link it to a valid source in the src attribute and

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Remove an object from Photoshop (step-by-step instructions)

One of the most common uses of Photoshop is to remove objects from photos. In fact, that is one reason why the software was so popular at the time. If you’ve just purchased a subscription to Photoshop, removing items is a trick you need to learn right away. In this quick guide …

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9 required Craft CMS plugins | Web Designer Depot

The popularity of Craft CMS is growing, and similarly, the previously relatively meager range of extensions is growing rapidly. There are extensions for Craft that range from simple field utilities to a full eCommerce solution offered by Pixel & Tonic – Craft manufacturers. An early decision that has borne fruit for Craft is […]

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Full screen video backgrounds in web design: Pros, cons and tips

There is still a debate in the web design community about whether the video backgrounds of websites are good or bad. However, we’ve seen that websites that use full-screen video backgrounds have grown in recent months like never before. But is it really an effective strategy? Is it …

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Design trend: Soft interface

There is a website and application design trend that is so subtle you can hardly see it. The soft interface creates a frost-style or glass blur where elements sink and squeeze into the background, creating varying depths and dimensions. Combine this effect with softer, more pastel colors …

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