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You can have heard of an app called Citizen. With more than seven million users in more than 30 cities across the United States, the top-ranked news app of 2020 wants to make communities safer.

Give you A better understanding of how the app works was formerly called ‘Vigilante’ before it got the brand for Citizen. Not only that, it’s also launched from the Apple App Store.

Application, created by Soon Inc, says it is a “personal safety net that allows you to protect yourself and the people and places you care about.”

According to the report by Granate Kim Fast company, the platform currently provides COVID-19 contact tracking, real-time 911 alerts, instant access to crisis situations, and “safety monitoring” of loved ones.

Mass control has understandably been a controversial topic over the years, although Citizen believes “transparency is the only effective tool in the fight against crime and injustice”.

However, the truth not so beautiful. The citizen has experience of racial profiling, harassment and increased control.

In May this year Citizen streaming, which had more than a million viewers, began the hunt in California when founder Andrew Frame offered a $ 30,000 reward for information that led to the arrest of the suspected arsonist. Instead of the citizen grabbing the real criminal, he misidentified the homeless man. A Los Angeles police spokesman even called the app “catastrophic.”

” [Citizen] application gives people the power to say who is and who is not suspicious and who belongs to their community. These applications are a digital highway for racial profiling, ”said Matthew Guariglia, an analyst at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a nonprofit privacy watchdog. CBS.

Just last month, edited by David D has tweeted a false statement sent through his citizenship, informing “30 armed men” in his neighborhood, which did not turn out to be of any kind. It was just a small gathering of family and friends.

Even more worrying, The citizen has recently tested, on request, private police forces that can be called to their place at the touch of a button. Fortunately, the app rejected the new feature after only a month of experimentation. Chances are that if the property came to life, the Neighborhoods would see troops of police officers involved in “emergencies” that did not exist.

With conversation Around police brutality and racial profiling, mass surveillance programs like Citizen can do more harm than good. Who has to say, who should fit into their neighborhood, or who becomes suspicious?

Although it definitely is great to keep an eye on potential crimes, being attractive to the community may not be the best course of action.

[via Fast Company, cover image via Citizen]



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