Launch of Portuguese fantasy leagues RealFevr, the official partner of the Liga Portugal and the Portuguese Football Association, is launching a global football video NFT market backed by official intellectual property (IP) and wants to expand internationally by opening a new headquarters in London later this year.

At RealFevr’s Marketplace, users can purchase and exchange rare and unique NFT moments from world-class players. These unique moments attract the attention of football fans around the world who want to collect all these exceptional and iconic pieces of football history. Later this year, Token Leagues will be introduced, and all NFTs will have direct help launching your Fantasy teams in Token Leagues.

“We are not moving into the NFT fever just because of the current market trend, but because we believe in its intrinsic value and are here for the long term. We are working daily to make our future forum a global reference in the sports industry. In 2015 we started this path by setting up fantasy leagues The way in which Blockchain technology enables the transformation of historical moments in sport into real moving art is absolutely exciting and has been one of the main sources of the very high level of motivation committed to the whole team. “ emphasizes the position of Fred Antunes, CEO of RealFevr and President of the Portuguese Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies Association (APBC), who has made him an encryption reference in Portugal.

To launch RealFevr’s Digital Collectibles marketplace, RealFevr plans to release its utility ID. Let’s dig deeper into how $ FEVR works and the tokenomics of the project.

Create a great experience for the end user RealFevr Marketplace has its own token ecosystem based on $ FEVR, the RealFevr token RealFevr’s Marketplace oil. FEVR includes several tokenomics to reward token holders, such as:

  1. Requirement to use $ FEVR to purchase packaging,
  2. Requirement to use $ FEVR for momentary trading,
  3. Upcoming order pool model for purchasing packages,
  4. A launch pad for clubs’ digital collectibles,
  5. Borrowing digital moments and quoting between fans,
  6. Fantasy token leagues where players can bet $ FEVR.

Not only that, but among many other interesting features that leave cryptocurrency enthusiasts in the mouth, $ FEVR has a fee locking mechanism to protect token holders.

For more information, visit the RealFevr website Paper. Don’t forget to sign up for the IDO on June 25 at Polkastarter. Adding to the whitelist is now open. Check it out here.

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