OnePlus has officially announced its next Buds Pro, a $ 150 competitor to the AirPods Pro and Galaxy Buds Pro of the same name. With their unique design, Dolby Atmos support, wireless charging, a big battery and an ANC mode that adapts to your surroundings, the Buds Pro look like OnePlus’ first attempt to really stand out in the market. audio.

Adaptive ANC (or “smart adaptive noise suppression”) is the most unique feature here, and it seems like a great solution to the impact that aggressive noise cancellation can have on sound quality and battery life. . OnePlus says each Buds Pro earbud uses three microphones to sense ambient noise levels and adjust the ANC accordingly, using up to 40dB of noise reduction if you enter a particularly noisy environment.

Some headphones allow you to adjust your ANC level in the app or via touch controls, which is a bit of a hassle. Even if you ignore the benefits Adaptive ANC can have for sound quality and battery life, it still feels like a major convenience. (Assuming it works!)

The other features of OnePlus Buds Pro are part of the course, aside from Dolby Atmos, of course. Wireless charging is also a nice addition, and the OnePlus Buds Pro battery life of 38 hours (with the charging case) is convincing, considering the AirPods’ total 24-hour battery life. Pro.

Oh… can I tell? It’s also nice to see a pair of OnePlus Buds that don’t look too much like AirPods. Remember when 2,000 units of the original OnePlus Buds were seized at customs to look too much like AirPods? Good time.

Regardless, OnePlus plans to launch its Buds Pro on September 1. You can register for publish alerts on the company’s online store for your first chance at Buds Pro when they go on sale.

Source: Oneplus Going through The edge


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