Picture through A new balance

Jaden Smith is not stranger New Balance. Ever since their partnership began in 2020, Smith’s Vision Racers have been redesigned and colored with stunning new shades. This fun new summer collection is no exception.

Trippy Summer Pack, named after Smith’s upcoming song Trippy summer, contains two new iterations. The shoes are mostly white, but they have boldly colored elements on the bottom one and the body on the other. Vivid shades get their inspiration from the beauty of flowers and landscape, but Ombre shades tend more towards the encapsulating sunrise and sunset.

It seems to be also in line with the visualizations of his new music: you focus on nature, celebrating its colors. Each shade of the color spectrum seems to find its own place; no one is left behind.

“Collection seamlessly confuses the worlds of Jaden’s fashion and music, and is also an expression of Jaden’s faith in the superpower of today’s youth to change the world through positivity and individuality, “writes Press release. The vibrant tones and light nature of the design are reminiscent kidcore trend, a celebration of childhood optimism and general well-being health.

Alongside the shoes, priced at $ 150 per pair, the release also includes a matching hoodie and T-shirt for $ 90 and $ 45. Trippy Summer Pack on at hand July 30, the perfect timing to reach the peak of the season. See the shoes below:

Picture through A new balance

Picture through A new balance

[via Nylon, images via New Balance]



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