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Just last week, a new digital currency called MAGACOIN was launched, created by “America First Conservatives”.

About 75 million Magazines were first allowed to symbolically represent the number of U.S. citizens who voted for Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

Encryption currency according to decision makers, 10 million MAGACOINs have already been donated to the MAGACOIN Victory Fund, which will be used to fund several MAGA candidates in the next round of elections. While, of course, how much they can repatriate depends on how high the coin price goes up.

“Bigger the value of each MAGACOIN, the more resources the MAGACOIN profit fund needs to support and select MAGA candidates nationwide, ”the company said.

However, as per Income, just a week after its launch, MAGACOIN has faced a setback and breached its original approximately 1,000 supporters.

By Caretaker“The MAGACOIN-related website revealed the email addresses, passwords, cryptocurrency wallet addresses, and IP addresses of the users who made the purchase.”

Exposé, the data revealed that most of the cryptocurrency has gone to the creator of MAGACOIN, who is said to be “a Trump-favored consultant who owns an LLC associated with cryptocurrency, and a Super Pac associated with the same consultant.”

Except for Its creator, MAGACOIN, has also embarked on a kind of “ambassador program” in which selected ambassadors are eligible for 1,000 free MAGACOINs from the start. Caretaker revealed that the current ambassadors include a speech radio host in Denver and a person associated with a group of Republicans in the college called the Youth Federalist Initiative, so do what you want.

With encryption currency there is no steam in the market, it is not surprising that even MAGA campaigners have created a coin for themselves. Perhaps it would be best to invest in better security measures before launching on a larger scale.

[via Input, cover image via MAGACOIN]



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