Instagram users around the platform currently share a central concern: that the new sensitive content filter block their messages. In feed posts and stories, account holders warn their followers that the setting limits their reach and that their followers should turn off the filter to ensure their posts get through.

“Over the past 24 hours, I have had many conversations with artists and other creators who are incredibly frustrated to see their work hidden,” Philippe Minor, artist and creator of queer hobby magazine Natural pursuits, wrote in a post. “Conversely, people are frustrated that they can’t find the content they want to see.

A previous message of its filter alerts reached over 700,000 people and was shared 192,000 times this morning, he said The edge. People from all kinds of communities, including the art world, sex workers, tattoo artists and the cannabis industry, have taken it up, sharing the same concerns, he says.

The account of a gun case company makes a similar warning in its own article, claiming that content on “guns” and “capitalism” may be withheld. If there’s a unifying cause on Instagram right now, it’s around the sensitivity filter.

The sensitivity filter, which was introduced on Tuesday, allows users to set limits on the amount of potentially sensitive content they could see on their Explore page. It’s supposed to filter out things like self-harm content, and it’s turned on by default.

But Instagram says creators shouldn’t worry. The app has already limited the amount of sensitive content people see on their Explore page, and the default setting keeps this filtering. With the options introduced on Tuesday, people can now either limit sensitive content further or let more show up.

A spokesperson suggests The edge that some users might even see an increase in discoverability due to this change if people choose to allow more sensitive content on their Explore page. The change will have “no impact” on what users see in their feed or in Stories, “where we will continue to show them posts from people they follow,” the spokesperson said.

Sensitive content is defined by Instagram in its “Recommendations GuidelinesWhich only applies to recommended content in places like Explore and IGTV Discover and is much broader than its “community guidelines”. Content considered sensitive is still allowed on the app, as opposed to content that violates its community guidelines, but Instagram may make it appear less frequently, especially for users who set their sensitivity limits to the lowest level. .

A spokesperson did not provide details on how much sensitive content users could expect to see on their Explore page in any of the three settings available.

Miner points out, however, that regardless of the filter, grouping all sensitive content under one broad sentence is the biggest problem. His work often shows nudity, for example, which, while sexually explicit or suggestive, is seen as sensitive by Instagram, but he says some people might be okay with nude art while not wanting to no no longer see content that portrays violence, which is also sensitive. content. The same could be said of tobacco-related content or pharmaceutical drug-related content, both of which are considered sensitive content.

“What I’d like to see is that there is so much that falls under sensitive content, being able to further personalize your experience,” he says.

Instagram has clearly tried to give people more control, but it has remained too broad, at least in Miner’s opinion. The platform is also not clear with people wanting to turn off the filter on whether they will suddenly see a lot of unwanted weight loss content or violent images. While ultimately a lot of Instagram won’t change with this new setting, communication about it should.


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