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This week, Instagram was launched a new feature that allows users to control how much annoying or offensive content appears on their Explore tab.

Instead of creators the user is already following in their regular input, the Explore tab displays messages curated by the application algorithm based on the user’s account activity.

Some, however Instagram artists are working back against this new feature and asking their followers to allow sensitive content, as failure to do so could result in censorship of their works.

Currently a forum defines “Sensitive content” “as messages that may not violate our policies, but may potentially annoy some people.” This includes violent or sexually explicit images, such as “images of people in transparent clothing,” or messages that promote drugs or tobacco.

With the new feature users can choose to “allow” or “restrict” such messages from appearing on the Explore tab or “restrict even more” for better protection.

Content producers and artists fear that the new controls will affect the dimension of their art, especially when Instagram has set a “limit” by default.

“We do not know how this still affects artists, but the fact is that overnight, everyone’s settings suddenly included the ability to restrict the content they saw to varying degrees, ”said artist Clarity Haynes Hyperallergenic.

“I think so as a kind of art disinfection, and it has the most negative impact on artists pushing envelopes. Decorative art, which is not challenging, is fine, but this is likely to affect LGBTQIA + artists, color artists and feminist artists. “

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[via Hyperallergic, cover image via PixieMe / Shutterstock.com]



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