Google publishes the feature that appears in the cover of this result, why the company places that page on that query, it’s pretty neat. John Mueller of Google confirmed that core updates can affect people also asking for (PAA) results on Google search. Google’s Gary Illyes said that if a redirect is valid for a year, the transmitted signals will remain forever even if the redirect is removed. Google has finally dropped AMP tags into mobile search results. And the report shows that now 23% of carousel URLs in top stories are not AMP URLs, up from 12% a few weeks ago. Snippets / stars in reviews are missing from Google search results for some reason. Daniel Waisberg from Google shared drafts of various traffic drops on Google search. Google tried hard to clarify the process of incorporating Google News, but I think it failed. Google Shopping has new promotional and shopping features and new reports. Google’s Alan Kent also shared SEO best practices on trade and offer pages. Google launched a SeekToAction tag for top videos with search. Google sent an updated search operator document that reveals the limitations of these operators. Google now strongly supports the results of the math solver in the Search Console Performance Report. Google said pages that don’t find results can easily lead to 404 soft disks. Google AdSense launched a new, faster and more powerful AdSense code. Google Ads has three new warnings, and you have disabled the policy. Google Maps launched a new, more detailed restaurant review page. Google is testing the map on the right side of the local package. Google redesigned the question center. And so sad to say that we lost another SEO soul, Bob Gladstein, last week. And if you want to help sponsor these vlogs, go to It was search news this week Search engine roundtable.

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