Google’s John Mueller said this morning that the Google search team has removed the classifier it used to determine soft 404 devices. As a reminder, many sites complained about unSearched pages and noticed the peak reported by the Google Search Console in 404.

This was due to a the change Google made to soft 404 classifiers. Google removed one of these classifiers this week, and John Mueller said you should start seeing soft 404s dropping down and these pages will return to the index in a few days or weeks.

This came up in this morning’s video 16:30 mark where Eliot Koey said his client was deindexed and the Google Search Console said it is a soft 404.

John Mueller of Google explained that Google is trying to identify soft 404 devices manually. But then he said “we saw a bunch of these reports recently, over the last couple of weeks, and the team has been looking into it, and I think they shut down one of the classifiers based on the feedback now. So I doubt maybe this will achieve again and succeed in the next couple. during the day and week. “

Hat tip for Glenn Gabelle about finding this:

Here is the video embed:

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