In the last couple of days, Google stopped showing the search code snippets for all queries, the stars below the search results snippets. I asked Google about this yesterday morning because it looks really wrong, but I haven’t heard yet.

Here is one example of before and after search results that had snippets of reviews on Google Search:


click to get full size

Last couple of days without reviews:

click to get full size

Here are charts of tools that show a significant drop in reviews on Google search.


click to get full size


click to get full size

Here’s a tweet for Google here:

The SEO community has tons and tons of complaints about this and zero response from Google yet.

Although some people in some polls may see some stars, but most usually look absent:

Again, I assume this is a bug and it will be back soon, but so far, in a couple of days, there is not a word from Google about this.

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