With the COVID-delayed 2020 Olympics running in Tokyo, Facebook is outlined set of tools help users attend the event, including their own Game Center, AR effects for stories, and video highlights to keep you up to date.

The most important addition to Facebook is its new one Game center, containing highlights, team-specific and athletes, event commentators, and more

The center also has notes on O.adds lymphatic history for context, and also brings out messages from your friends about the games. You can also monitor your concentration to receive notifications of game updates.

You can check out the Facebook Olympics Center here or by clicking the # Olympics or # Tokyo2020 hashtags in the application.

On Instagram, you can participate in games through two new AR effects, which can now be accessed through both effects tabs @Olympics and @ Tokyo2020 account.

The AR effects of the Instagram Olympics

As explained Facebook:

In one AR effect, fans can try to reflect the movements of the official Olympic mascot Miraitowa and earn AR medals for their performances. Another effect includes official beat music for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. “

In terms of AR effects, they’re not amazing, but it’s another way to deal with themed content, which may interest those who feel the gold rush and are looking for more ways to get involved.

On WhatsApp, Facebook has released a new one Olympic chatbot, which provides details of game schedules, information on local broadcasts, and the latest news and medal rankings.

WhatsApp Olympics chatbot

Chatbot also includes official stickers as well as quizzes on various Olympic events to increase fan engagement.

And finally, Facebook also hosts direct and indirect video highlights of the games throughout the event.

“In some countries, fans have access to Tokyo 2020 highlights, athlete profiles and interviews throughout the Games through the official Olympic broadcasters’ Facebook pages and Instagram accounts. This includes NBC Universal in the US, Eurosport in parts of Europe and BEIN in the Middle East and North Africa. , such as in India, Russia, sub – Saharan Africa, and Spanish – speaking Latin America, fans can see the highlights of the day from Tokyo. the official Olympics Facebook page. ”

It’s hard to estimate how big the game will be this year, given the COVID delay and the constant pandemic situation in the host country Japan. Even now, with events going on, it still feels like it can be stopped at any time, or that there may be an outbreak in an Olympic village that slightly accelerates the tension around the event.

There’s also the fact that fans won’t be there for the first time ever – meaning that if someone breaks a world record, they’ll have a huge applause from coaches, and outside the cold silence everywhere in the huge stadiums.

It seems like it could make for a very strange event, but maybe people also want to escape the ongoing locks and worries. Maybe then the Olympics are coming at just the right time.

Because of the uncertainty, no one really knows what to expect – but if you’re looking for more information on games and ways to get involved, Facebook now has options to consider.


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