Picture through EA Play

Expected EA Play 2021 the event was held on July 22 this year, when fans found out what they can expect ahead.

Titles including but is not limited The legend of the grid, Apex Legends: Appearanceand Lost randomly they got a spotlight in a 40-minute show, and a redesign of a sci-fi horror classic Empty space was bullied at the end.

Although all the titles they have obvious work and ignite in themselves the excitement, the fans were left with more need when the power was wrapped. This is because of EA’s secret, perhaps misleading song ad before the day.

“Look, we’re not may tell you a lot more about this, sorry. But we can say that this Spotlight brings out a very nice new addition to the very popular and long-running EA SPORTS series. We may have said too much already. Just keep your calendar free, OK? “

EA Sports fans are waited a long time for some to return old favorites. The statement was interpreted to mean that the old title would generate a return that might have been renewed due to the revival of the franchise system. Particularly significant was Battle night, a boxing – focused series that ended after 2011.

There was a lot of speculation, but many met relatively and understood disappointment after revealing that the “very cool new addition” was the inclusion of scouting; Madden 22, will start in August.

That doesn’t mean it that beloved titles, however, never restart. Announcements and game releases are, after all, not limited to individual events, and EA may decide to do the magic in the coming months. Nothing was promised.

[via Forbes, image via EA Play]



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