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This summer has brought cruel heat waves to many corners of the world, which even affects the United States, India Siberia. The United Arab Emirates Dubai has also suffered its share of relentless heat as temperatures rise to as high as 122ºF.

Unprecedented times call in order to take unprecedented action, it seems that the National Meteorological Center (NCM) of the United Arab Emirates decided to take matters into its own hands and create rainfall where it would not rain. In 2017, The UAE invested all $ 15 million in nine rainfall – induced projects.

Average rainfall the country is only 4 inches, reports MSN. However, drone-powered cloud sowing technology, the downpour hit, releases the area’s suffocating heat.

However, after the struggle first, in the case of rainfall, the subsequent rainfall reported was heavy rainfall; so heavy that waterfalls began to appear in Ail Ain and made driving conditions dangerous.

Cloud sowing in general refers to manned planes firing chemicals into the clouds to trigger rain. However, the system this time tested in the UAE included drones that fired an electric charge instead. When an electrical pulse is received, the water droplets fuse together and fall into rain. This is generally preferred because it does not use chemicals in the process.

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