One of the country’s leading vaccine experts has issued a serious warning to Americans: the powerful, fast-spreading delta variant of coronavirus will “find all those who are not immune”.

There is “no doubt that we are going to see an increase,” Dr. Gregory Poland of the prestigious Mayo Clinic told WCCO-TV in Minnesota.

Poland, which wears a mask indoors and outdoors in overcrowded conditions, warned the unvaccinated: “Make no mistake, I’ve made it this far and I’m fine. This is a very different variant. He will find you. This virus will find anyone who is not immune. “

He added: “It is a serious, present and present danger to your health and that of your families if you are not vaccinated.”

While the major risk is for the unvaccinated, a continuing number of people without protection pose a risk to everyone, he warned.

“The more we go with a large number of unvaccinated people, the greater the risk of developing a new variant that will escape the immunity induced by the vaccine. Therefore we are our worst enemies herePoland told KARE-11 TV in Minneapolis.

Poland is particularly worried about children too young to be vaccinated – as well as adolescents whose parents are about to be vaccinated, especially because “we are seeing an increase in serious illnesses and hospitalizations among young people. “, did he declare.

He totally agrees with the recommendation of the American Academy of Pediatrics this week that children must wear a mask when they return to schoolwhether or not they are vaccinated.

“A mask is not a political symbol. It is a medical symbol to take care of yourself and others, ”he said.

The delta variant significantly more transmissible now accounts for about 83% of new COVID-19 cases in the United States, the majority of deaths occur in unvaccinated people. The variant increases cases in all states across the country.

In the week ending Tuesday, the United States on average 239 deaths per day of the virus – which is an increase of almost 48% from the previous week.

Check out an excerpt from Poland’s interview with WCCO-TV below. An extended interview with KARE-11 TV is above.

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