Bitcoin Depot, a Bitcoin operator based in Atlanta, Georgia, announced expanding its cryptocurrency ATM business to Circle K stores in more than 30 states in Canada and the United States.

More than 700 cryptocurrency vending machines are offered to customers to purchase more than 30 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. BTC, and Ethereum, which is installed on large chain chains Circle K

The company claims to have collected more than 3,500 encrypted ATMs in Canada and the United States.

Bitcoin Depot also noted that this partnership with Circle K aims to meet the needs of public investors for cryptocurrency investments so that they can use cryptocurrency vending machines in most places where they can go to perform the simplest, most convenient and fastest cryptocurrency transactions.

Brandon Mintz, CEO of Bitcoin Depot, said:

“We are excited to build a long-term strategic partnership with Circle K and expand our footprint internationally with a global leader in comfort and fuel retail. Circle K understands that cryptocurrency will be a growing part of the future economic and payment landscape.

“By adding Bitcoin ATMs to the company’s stores, Circle K can attract new customers to its stores, provide financial access to underserved communities, and differentiate itself from other retailers with this new technology,” Mintz added.

Image source: Shutterstock



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