The emergence of blockchain technology has been miraculous in recent years, and people around the world have begun to move into this decentralized ecosystem. Decentralized exchange plays a crucial role in taking these services to the next level. It is a platform that allows ecosystem users to buy, sell, trade, exchange and remove encryption technology. While the services are credible, the transaction fees for each operation are very high, causing a bit of inconvenience to the public.

To solve this problem, CoinsFee (FEE) is introduced. CoinsFee is a native utility ID From FastCoin Exchange, which aims to save users a lot of money. It makes it easier for participants in all of the above operations with much lower transaction fees, and most importantly, you can save up to 75% on fees. Lots indeed! The more you use FEEs, the more you save.

Our FEE logo is a standard BEP-20 brand built on the robust Binance Smart Chain. It ensures users fast payment transactions at affordable prices. We are a team of skilled developers and professionals with hands-on experience in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Careful analysis and market research led us to come up with such a dynamic solution.

Develop your brand new ID in FastCoin Exchange:

We are also offering an exciting offer for encryption enthusiasts who plan to release new tokens on the FastCoin Exchange. We help them with the ultimate savings, up to 75%, by allowing them to combine their brand new brand with our FEE logo. Our FEE logos guarantee solid security and great utility.

ICO on Live:

Round 01 of our FEE IDs public ICO sales are now underway. Participate in an ICO sale to buy our CoinsFee tokens. Nearly 70% of our funds are set aside for public sale, and approximately 50% of the funds will be used to improve the FastCoin platform. Visit


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