FXT, a blockchain-based trading technology environment that celebrates the success of its ERC-20-based FXT, has leveraged the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to build its second FXT.

It is a BEP-20 brand designed to reduce transaction costs and event delivery time. The newly built BEP-20 Token, similar to FXT’s ERC-20 logo, enables more secure, transparent, expedited and cost-effective transactions. The company has completed its BEP-20 ID and is preparing to list it on various encryption exchange forums to make it easier for global investors to invest in the ID.

FXT launched its first logo – the ERC-20-based logo – in January 2021. The logo has been a meteoric success since its introduction and has gained more than 14,000 holders. The rising price and popularity of the FXT ERC-20 brand have encouraged investors to HODL and multiply their profits. At the time of writing, the price of the FXT ERC-20 was $ 0.008942. The lower entry price has made it easier for investors, especially new ones in cryptography, to enter the cryptographic market and benefit from the increase in the subscription price.

The launch of the BEP-20 logo and the project for a new blockchain will help FXT diversify its offering and serve a large audience with different requirements and preferences. The FXT BEP-20 token has been repeated for the success of its variant – the ERC-20 Token.


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