For the first time, CEO of Tesla Elon Musk has revealed that his famous aerospace company SpaceX holds a certain amount of Bitcoin, although he did not disclose the amount of bitcoins held by the company. Earlier this year, his second company, Tesla, had bought $ 1.5 billion worth of Bitcoins. The incident had sparked a serious price rally for Bitcoin.

Bitcoin’s price rally gradually came to a halt when Tesla suddenly stopped accepting payments made at Bitcoin. This was due to major environmental problems caused by cryptocurrency mining methods. However, recently in a virtual BTC event called “Ana word”, an unpredictable technical billionaire mentioned that Tesla is once again approving Bitcoins because Bitcoin has increased the share of renewable energy during the mining process. He believes this shows a lot of promises about future opportunities.

Nic Carter, the founder of Coin Metrics, told CNBC just some time ago that Bitcoin ‘s fundamentals are improving a lot in the context of sustainability. The whole Bitcoin story is becoming what can be labeled ” Bitcoin goes green ”, and this is really good news for the cryptocurrency. This eco-friendly image of Bitcoin can only help launch a new rally.

In the virtual event, Elon Musk appeared alongside Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Cathy Wood, who is CEO of Ark Invest along with Square Crypto moderator Steve Lee, but he didn’t reveal too much about SpaceX’s BTC acquisition. He actually stated he owned bitcoins and so did Tesla and SpaceX. In addition to personally owning a certain amount of Ethereum and Dogecoin. He also added that he himself, SpaceX or even Tesla does not currently sell any bitcoins.

Elon’s statement has confirmed the long-standing assumption that SpaceX has added Bitcoin to its reserves. In mid-March, the famous American financier Anthony Scaramucci wrote twitter that he believed Elon had stopped only with his purchase through Tesla. He noted that Tesla owns about $ 5 billion worth of Bitcoin through Tesla, SpaceX and his personal reserves, and added that no one has done more to protect the planet from climate change.

At the event, Musk wore a t-shirt with a BTC theme and he seemed to be quite sanguine in his position on digital gold. He even mentioned that his Bitcoin resources exceed his Ether or DOGE collection. He noted that the use of renewable energy sources in mining will show a positive direction in the future. He also mentioned that the closure of coal-fired mining plants in China is a big step that helped Bitcoin become more sustainable.

He also added that the share of renewable energy sources used to extract bitcoin is about 50 percent or more, and there will be a trend in the future to use more renewable energy sources in the future. He said that if that happens, Tesla will start accepting Bitcoins at that very moment.

Nic Carter of the Bitcoin mines

Speaking of Musk’s latest comments, Nic Carter told CNBC that he was pleased to learn that Musk has assessed the real facts regarding Bitcoin and its mining activities, and these facts are quite favorable at the moment.

Carter appeared to be on the same page as Musk himself in the case of the Chinese Bitcoin mine, noting that the amount of hash in China was produced mainly using energy produced mainly from coal. Besides, a few miners working anonymously have had transparency issues.

He looked pretty hopeful that the fundamentals have proven to be better for Bitcoin in terms of sustainability. He also said miners in the U.S. and Canada are more obligated to use sustainable mining methods and are more likely to disclose information and maintain clarity and transparency.

He added that since mining operations were discontinued in China, much of the mining operations in China have been replaced by mines in the United States and Canada. The positive thing about this substitute is that miners in the United States and Canada are more sustainably concentrated. In addition, miners encourage the disclosure of information on a larger scale. 32 percent of the degree of decentralization has decided to join the Bitcoin Mining Council, where they now produce data on a quarterly basis.

. According to a recent survey Bitcoin Mining According to the Council, it has been found that miners use almost 62% of renewable energy in the second quarter. Carter has highlighted this fact by mentioning that he is very optimistic about the future of Bitcoin and is convinced that more and more people will use cryptocurrency for the security and sustainability they offer in the future.


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