Google News Showcase was released in late 2020 and gives publishers who have joined the licensing program a new way to share editorial voice and expertise.

And best of all?

The program is a way for publishers to pay for digital content.

There have been disagreements between them Australia and Googleand France and Google online presentation of publishers’ content.

In ad on the release of the new program on June 25, 2020 Brad Bender, Google’s Director of Product Management, News, wrote:

“This program helps participating publishers fund their content through an enhanced storytelling experience that allows people to get deeper into more complex stories, stay up to date, and be exposed to a variety of topics and interests.”


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When the Google News Showcase was launched, publishers in Brazil, Germany, and Australia had signed up.

The list now also includes publications from India, Canada, Italy, France, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, Japan, Argentina and more.

In addition, more than 90% of those who have already registered represent Community, regional or local news organizations.

What do Austrian publications think about joining Google News Showcase?

Austria is the latest group of countries to have registered and published their content on Google News Showcase.

Gino Cuturi, managing director of the leading regional newspaper in Upper Austria, has spoken about their goal:


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“We are working to get more readers to get excited about our digital products and convince them of our local reporting in the long run.”

Hermann Petz, CEO of the Tiroler Tageszeitung, also stated:

“Experience has shown that regional dailies still have great potential to attract casual digital readers and then develop them into regular readers … We see the Google News Showcase as an opportunity to expand and make money for ‘the widest readership’.”

Google News demo benefits for publishers

If publications publish their content behind a paywall, Google pays users to access this, allowing stories to reach more audiences who have not previously wanted to pay for the content.

Publications can curate the appearance of their content in the program through the News Showcase panels.

Panels can include:

  • Key information in list format
  • Important stories from the day
  • Timetables
  • Related articles

It is digestible and easy for readers to use and get more information about news articles.

The program also gives publishers better control over their voice and brand across all other Google products.


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Google News Showcase readers can connect and track specific publishers, and the panels act as a bridge to publishers ’websites, which can increase traffic and subscriptions.

By ad From Google, by posting readers to the publications website, publishers can ‘deepen their relationships with readers’.

With so many countries and news publishers signing up for the show, it’s exciting to see who will sign up next.


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