Picture through Ministry of Tourism and Antiques

Egyptian-French mission Under the leadership of the European Institute of Underwater Archeology (IEASM), the remains of a shipwrecked warship were unveiled. It is located in the sunken city of Thônis-Heracleion, once Egypt’s largest Mediterranean port, and dates back to use in the first century BC, before being crushed into ruins in the second century BC.

Tri Mustafa Waziri, The Secretary-General of the Upper Archaeological Council explained the wreck of the ship on Monday Press release.

In the opinion Francas Goddio, the founding director of IEASM, also acknowledged the rarity of finding the pristine remains of an ancient fast ship. Similarly, only one other way is saved from the warship of the era: the Marsala ship, which was found in western Sicily in 1971.

Flat-bottomed vessel 25 meters (82 feet) in length and with features of an ancient Egyptian structure, Reuters reports. In addition to the ship, a new excavation also led to the discovery of a large Greek cemetery dated BC. To the beginning of the fourth century, which shows the presence of Greek merchants in the city.

Picture through Ministry of Tourism and Antiques

[via Smithsonian Magazine, image via Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities]



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