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If such the results that appear in your Google search queries will confuse you. You can actually learn more by clicking the three dots next to the links. The About This Result feature was introduced back in February, and now Google offers more context by revealing why certain results are displayed.

Past users Extending the result before clicking on the webpage could find a summary of the site once it has entered the Google index and if it is encrypted. Fast company shares. In ad released on Thursday, Google says it will add a new section to the panel called ‘My Search and This Result’ to explain one side of the story: how the algorithm selects these results for you.

Naturally the content is displayed based on whether the keywords on the page match the search, but Google also searches for related terms that you may not have included in your query. For example, if you’re looking for “how to cook fish in the oven,” the search engine will also hack pages on the web with relevant terms like “fry” and “recipe.”

Google says It will also consider recommending pages linked from other pages if they contain similar keywords. “It can also be a useful indicator of whether online content providers find a page useful on that topic,” explains Elizabeth Tucker, Google’s product manager.

Finally, Google notes how relevant the page may be locally, for example, if the content uses your native language or has its own country and location. It notes that this would be useful for users who need to find out location information, such aswhere can i get vaccinated

Although ‘About this result’ does not affect search results forward, Google emphasizes the importance of providing transparency so that users can find ways to produce more accurate results. Tucker told a news conference: “The goal is really to help people understand the results and find results that are useful to them.”

Google has already done so started some deployment, but it should be phased in by next week.

Picture through Google

Picture through Google

Picture through Google

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