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Here are the timestamps of the episode. With some podcast players, you should be able to click the timestamp to move to that time.
(00:00) – Introduction
(09:04) – Cooking is an art and a service
(10:43) – Food is health
(12:45) – Anticipation makes food taste better
(14:36) – Lex breaks 72 hours of fasting
(18:47) – Loves cooking
(20:28) – Detoxification during diet
(23:09) – Cooking tips for minimalists
(29:14) – the complexity of coconut oil
(32:35) – Anya’s favorite meal
(39:17) – Heat sources
(41:46) – Why people are afraid of barbecue
(44:58) – Does the origin of the meat matter?
(47:06) – What is renewable farming?
(51:16) – artificial intelligence is a better farmer than humans
(55:17) – Carbon-automatic agriculture is possible right now
(57:04) – certified human
(1:00:34) – An evolutionary diet for animals
(1:03:17) – Neuralink can help us understand animals
(1:07:13) – Did all the meat fed on the grass do the same?
(1:11:57) – The health benefits of grass-fed beef
(1:16:29) – What does it take to be a woman business leader in the meat industry?
(1:23:57) – Making cheese for the Italian mafia
(1:27:56) – How to evaluate a good meal?
(1:29:58) – The best meal in the world
(1:37:48) – Anya played an oboe in the Sicilian municipal band
(1:39:23) – Hunting has inspired regenerative farming
(1:44:07) – the meaning of life
(1:45:27) – Advice for young people: growing out of discomfort


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