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From the beginning from the use of credit cards to the emergence of digital payments where cash is paid, Visa exists. The credit card company believes that even if customers recognize the name, they don’t know who Visa is.

“People are thinking they know Visa. Consumers and businesses trust the power of these four letters and see it when they open their wallets, pay the seller, walk to the store, or buy money online. ” Press release. “What they don’t see is how these four letters work as the most dynamic network of people, partnerships and products.”

Popularity Accumulated over the past 60 years, Visa has revealed a new global brand identity based on this recognition and trust. It then continues to test the “Meet Visa” event in a marketing campaign led by a film directed by advertising giant Wieden + Kennedy and Malik Hassan.

From day one the company has had one question in mind: “What if money becomes completely electronic?” It was also set up on the basis that the payment network was made “for everyone, everywhere”. More than half a century later, the meanings of “electronic” and “all, everywhere” have evolved beyond plastic cards and physical payment systems. Gig economy jobs can now be paid for in real time, while events can be processed at the touch of a button.

For the new in the cash era, Visa used a boutique design studio A lot modify its visual identity. Instead of inventing the bike, the studio increased the visibility of Visa’s blue and gold – with the company’s long-standing reputation, the Visa name and colors no longer have to exist on a single machine.

As such, the update brings two distinct brands: the first is a word mark and the second a unique blue, gold and white logo.

As an independent, the brand must pay attention. Mucho thus brightened up the Visa palette with a more dynamic blue and updated the brand’s color to match the digital impact.

New logos debuted during the Tokyo Olympics before spreading to more than 200 markets during the year.

“With the world With the reopening and more and more money moving in new ways, there is no better time to showcase the work we are doing, and a brand on a Visa scale can have an impact on the success of individuals, businesses and economies, ”Biggar said.

Click to see an enlarged version

Click to see an enlarged version. Picture through Visa

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Click to see an enlarged version. Picture through Visa

[via The Drum and Creative Bloq, images via Visa]



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