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Who better to curate an exhibition like people who spend all day surrounded by art in a respected museum

It is the backbone The upcoming exhibition of the Baltimore Museum of Art (BMA) from 2022, Guarding art. The exhibition is curated entirely by the museum’s security team, and pieces picked by each of the 17 members.

They work With the director and staff at the museum to liven up the exhibition. Art historian and curator Dr Lowery Stokes Sims gets more mentoring and professional development.

17 officers featuring Traci Archable-Frederick, Jess Bither, Ben Bjork, Ricardo Castro, Melissa Clasing, Bret Click, Alex Dicken, Kellen Johnson, Michael Jones, Rob Kempton, Chris Koo, Alex Lei, Dominic Mallari, Dereck Mangus, Sara Ruark, Joan Smith and Elise Tensley. The group includes a wide range of people who are not only officers but also artists, chefs, musicians, scientists and writers.

“Our Security Officer spend more time in our galleries and living in our collection than any other staff in the institution, ”said Christopher Bedford, director of Dorothy Wagner Wallis at BMA. press release. Idea Guarding art “fulfilled the museum’s commitment to be more diverse, inclusive and representative of the community it serves.”

One of the selected songs on Winslow Homer Awaiting reply (1872), selected by Alex Lei. “It’s framed in this moment of waiting – I can join it,” Lei said ARTnews. “I spend a lot of time waiting for guests [into the galleries]expect someone to ask a question about art. In the meantime, we are interacting with works of art. We spend so much time with art that we can provide more information than what a plaque has. “

[via ARTnews, cover image via Mike Steele / Flickr (CC BY 2.0)]



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