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Located in London the entrepreneur submits Steve Jobs ’1973 job application to the auction – only this time it’s a physical VS digital battle.

Form An Apple Founder filled in an unspecified company can be purchased either as a verified physical item or in digital form as a Non-Exchangeable Identifier (NFT).

By CNET, this job application has gone under the hammer several times before, selling $ 18,750 in 2017, $ 174,757 in 2018 and $ 222,400 last March.

Offer current sales have begun, and auctioneer Olly Joshi accepted bids for both the physical and NFT versions simultaneously.

Auction it takes seven days during which purchasers of the physical version can make offers through the third-party Snoofa site. Buyers more interested in the NFT version can move to the digital marketplace Rarible. Both versions can be seen and compared official website.

“This unique auction the shape really tests where the value is. I come from a technical background, apparently fighting on the NFT side. Win the best job application! “said Alexander Salnikov, founder of Rarible.

[via CNET, cover image via Anton_Ivanov / Shutterstock.com]



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