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If you’re having trouble booking a wedding venue (and don’t mind waiting a few more years), why not hang out in the space?

No, this is not a joke. You can book your trip for 2025 or beyond with a Florida-based company, Spatial perspective. Then, on D-Day, you, your darling, and six guests (flights are limited to a total of eight, plus the pilot) will board a space capsule and say “yes” 100,000 feet above Earth. Talk about surreal!

The entire trip takes six hours and you’ll have a 360-degree view of the Earth while you’re up there. You can even take photos through the glare-free windows. Talk about Instaworthy! “Ah, nice photo of your dinner. Here is a photo of the planet from the stratosphere.

On board, everyone can enjoy a comfortable reclining seat, drinks from the bar, free Wi-Fi and a perfect view from the aforementioned windows. Of course, there is also a toilet. And if you’re wondering exactly how the drinks, meals, and toilets work in what appears to be a large space capsule, don’t worry about the logistics.

You will be very far away, but far from the distance from Earth required to experience floating microgravity like the astronauts aboard the International Space Station. Rather, think of it as being in the world’s tallest first-class cabin.

The concerns about the float are allayed, how exactly does it all work?

According to Space Perspective, the capsule is propelled by a hydrogen-filled “space balloon” the size of a football field. It takes off from NASA Kennedy Space Station and travels about 12 mph uphill / downhill (balloon deflates to descend).

For a landing, you dive into the Atlantic Ocean, so everyone can enjoy a post-nuptial dip (just kidding: the thing is supposed to float on water as easily as it does in air).

The company’s website also assures customers that the technology is completely safe and has been used by NASA and world governments for decades. Oh, yeah, it’s also completely emission-free, so environmental bonus!

Of course, like pretty much everything else, there is a downside, and in this case, it’s the cost. Booking a space capsule for your wedding (anniversary, anniversary or any other special occasion) will cost you $ 125,000, with a deposit of $ 8,000 due upon reservation.

Did we mention that it has free Wi-Fi?

[Via iTech Post]


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