U.S.-based cryptocurrency environment Smartfi on Wednesday announced the development of two coins, including the world’s first dug stablecoin-SmartFi USD (SFUSD), which does not require the Burn-mint protocol or USD-fiat-Tap to maintain an accurate correlation with the U.S. dollar.

SmartFi CEO Aaron Tilton said:

“This first excavated stablecoin is a landmark for critical currency development. The profound effects of mining stablecoin and SmartF’s cryptocurrency monetary policy make our cryptocurrency practical and usable in everyday life. “

Here are some key points opinion SmartFi:

  • The two coins include the SmartFi USD (SFUSD) protocol coin and the speculative SmartFi Token (SMTF).
  • The mineable SFUSD stablecoin acts as the native stablecoin of the SmartFi platform, while the SMTF speculative logo is used as the native platform coin.
  • SFUSD stablecoin does not require the Burn-mint protocol or the USD-fiat-Tap to maintain an accurate correlation with the US dollar using its own SmartFi Commodity Layer Protocol.
  • SFUSD stablecoline is produced in a decentralized mining process; its stable condition can be given and purchased outside the mining process without its delivery restrictions.
  • SmartFi’s innovative commodity layer protocol is a borrower-lender matching process that shares prevent premium. It leverages Komodo SmartChain technology and Namecoin’s combined mining system to create SmartFi USD (SFUSD) and SmartFi Coin (SMTF).
  • Delayed Work Certificate (dPoW), Komodo’s signature security solution, provides additional protection for the SFUSD native protocol coin.

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