Picture through Apple

Apple is was sued Ohio-based company sells smart water bottles that sync with smart watches like the Apple Watch, according to the report AppleInsider.

Although the company does not manufacture smart water bottles, the mere retail sale of Hidrate Spark bottles that can be connected to Apple Watch to monitor water consumption and health monitoring allegedly infringes two non-professional Xennial IP LLC patents for similar concepts. Products can be located in technology giants ”Only with Applesection.

The first patent Apple was alleged to have violated the restrictions on “manufacturing, using, at least through internal testing, or otherwise offering to sell, sell / import, a” communicating sports bottle “with similar features, including a sensor and Bluetooth connectivity.

At the same time an accessory the design is also an alleged violation because both bottles have a body with a “bottom and an upwardly extending sidewall defining a liquid chamber.”

Xennial asks in the jury trial, a permanent opinion on future violations, and damages, compensation and legal costs.

[via AppleInsider, cover image via Apple]



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