Picture through Anete Lusina / Pexels (CC0)

For years, Technical behemoths have been criticized for giving female stereotypes voice assistants. “Masculine” options was later added with Google and Apple Amazon now the latest catch.

Join the Echo the family is unannounced ‘Ziggy’, Alexan Eve Adam. First revealed the “male” voice option Surroundings, and it looks like it’s added alongside celebrity voices like Melissa McCarthy and Shaquille O’Neal.

Users can get Alexa to change gender by saying, “Alexa, change your voice” or by going to the settings section via the Alexa app. The feature is device-specific, so users must manually activate audio if they have more than one Alexa gadget.

Ziggy is now one of the voice prompts on the voice assistant, which means that users can activate the device by calling the new name.

For now, Ziggy lives on devices located in the United States, although it is possible that Amazon will give voice to the rest of the world.

[via Tech Times and The Ambient, cover image via Anete Lusina / Pexels (CC0)]



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