Here are five reasons why a small business owner should consider partnering with a marketing agency:

1. Free up valuable time and resources for the company

The CallRail study revealed that the two biggest barriers for business owners to develop a marketing plan were time and budget:

  • 44% of respondents said they were too busy with time, overwhelmed by running a business and didn’t have the budget to hire anyone.
  • 74% said they would rather spend their time on primary business responsibilities than on marketing.

Many entrepreneurs work with self-made thinking and try to master too many tasks alone.

The marketing agency brings more experience to the table while freeing up the owner’s invaluable time for other important tasks that may have fallen aside.

2. Follow trends and make experience-based recommendations

COVID-19 took the market by storm. Most companies didn’t know what to expect, and then they found themselves struggling to navigate new markets.

Even if a professional marketing agency faces the same challenges, they have years, even decades, of marketing experience to help them make strategic decisions.

81% of small business owners said marketing strategy was critical to the success of their business during the COVID-19 pandemic. A strategy based on long-term experience can mean the difference between survival and death.

If companies don’t focus on smart marketing, they will lose revenue.

3. Reduce extra wage costs while getting more resources

67% of the respondents said they would like to hire a marketing agency instead of hiring internally.

The common misconception is that hiring a company is cheaper and solves an immediate need. But it usually does not take into account the additional costs associated with recruitment, boarding, training, and employee retention, such as health insurance, retirement plans, vacation and sick days, payroll taxes, life insurance, disability, tuition fees, and more.

When all is said and done, hiring a new employee is usually a total 1.25 to 1.4 times the base salary area and the time spent training and introducing the new person to the business.

And if the employee ends up leaving? It takes a huge investment.

Even if an outside marketing agency seems more expensive based on its hourly rate, it is often a more cost-effective solution than hiring a company, not to mention the added benefits you get from a team of experts on call with a lot of extra resources and manpower.

4. Update your marketing strategy

We live in a fast-paced market. New applications, trends, SEO updates and best practices are and will continue to come.

Are small business owners able to stay on top of all the time and maintain effective conversion rates?

A modern marketing strategy utilizes inbound marketing techniques, such as effective online content, in addition to traditional outbound marketing methods such as advertising and PPC advertising.

Today’s marketing strategies cover a wide range from keyword research to graphic design, custom channel campaigns, social media, call volume, sending e-mail and everything in between, leading to the measurement and analysis of data.

In order to be successful, the person in charge of marketing activities must be up-to-date on the latest marketing techniques. What worked last year, or even last month, may not be effective today.

5. See long-term results

71% of the respondents to the CallRail survey felt that their business was growing and successful in the long run. But 25% did not feel completely confident about the future of their business. And 4% admitted that if their business continues on its current trajectory, it will eventually fail.

Building and maintaining a business requires a long-term strategy in addition to the need for flexibility to solve short-term problems.

Marketing agencies bring the necessary external, objective expertise to their business strategy. They look at the big picture and examine the niche market to see what competitors are doing and in what direction the industry is striving to make informed decisions.

They also provide important analytical information to help small businesses better understand and target their audiences, see which marketing campaigns generated resonance, and strategize future campaigns based on past performance.

The right tools and resources: Marketing small businesses with CallRail

As small businesses move into a recovering post-pandemic marketing landscape, many business owners are taking their marketing strategies more closely into account. 94% said they would very likely or probably hire a marketing agency or professional in the future.

For these partnerships to be successful, it is important that agencies understand what their clients need.

The biggest areas for improvement identified by small entrepreneurs after having a negative experience with a marketing agency are:

  • Helps improve customer service: 55%
  • Acquisition and recommendation of new technology to promote business growth: 51%
  • Improving workflow between marketing and sales teams: 43%
  • Helps to refine the value proposition: 40%
  • The company helps to better track leads: 38%
  • Exceeding the scope of work helps the company to better understand customers: 29%
  • The company allows for better management of leads: 29%
  • Provision of business improvement services such as sales training or brand coaching in addition: 25%
  • Enables the company to better communicate with leads: 9%

Agencies that are able to identify and correct these pain points for their clients are well placed to become a critical force that can help their small business partners survive in the short term in addition to long-term growth and success.

The majority of small business owners (96%) are willing to pay more for additional services.

Analytics plays a critical role in a successful partnership between a business and a marketing agency. Data not only drives customized marketing strategies, but it’s also important to show the customer exactly how much ROI they get from the relationship.

CallRail provides a variety of tools to successfully track analytical data, which is critical for measuring ROI and strategizing campaigns:

  • Call tracking: Know right away which ad, campaign, or keyword is inspiring a caller to contact your business. With call tracking software, you can measure the success of your marketing campaigns so you can learn which ones make your phone ring and which ones don’t get attention. Measure online activities such as social media posts, emails, PPC ads, etc., as well as offline marketing resources such as ads, mailboxes, billboards, brochures, and more.
  • Lead Center: With so many channels available to customers, it’s even harder for small businesses to keep up with leads in all directions. CallRail’s Lead Center simplifies the process. All incoming, active, and recent conversations, emails, calls, and texts are filtered to a single mailbox. Whenever a customer reaches you, you will see a timeline of their interaction with your brand.
  • Conversation intelligence: Highly powerful AI-based software analyzes your calls and provides recordings, transcripts, and helpful insights to help you diagnose common website problems or other issues, collect frequently asked questions, improve service, train staff, and be more effective with your marketing budget.
  • Tracking of forms: Track your ad campaigns and illuminate your lead activity by tracking which ad or keywords led to a click on the Submit button on the contact form. All touch points are stored on a seamless timeline. For example, if a lead clicked on an ad, downloaded a report, submitted a form, and called your customer service line, Forms Tracking will show all of these features.

While the future remains uncertain for many business owners, using the right tools, resources, and partners next to you will significantly increase your chances of success.

Adding CallRail’s smart tools in addition to marketing agency expertise is a powerful combination that gives small businesses invaluable information about marketing campaigns so they can make sure every dollar is spent wisely.

But before you invest even a cent, try CallRail for free.

We are all facing a “new normal” together. It’s a brand new era and a marketing frontier for businesses large and small.

Are you interested in the future of small business marketing behind a pandemic? Read the full CallRail report learn how other business owners have adapted and strategized


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