YouTube will soon launch a new test of live streaming as part of the ongoing expansion of content providers ’commercialization and e-commerce tools.

As explained Google:

“Like us announced earlier this year, we tested beta testing with an integrated shopping experience that allows viewers to leverage the credibility and knowledge of trusted content providers to make informed purchases on YouTube. This test was first available for videos on request, and now we’re experimenting with streaming this experience with a few content providers and brands. So if you watch supported streaming on YouTube, you can browse and buy products in real time without interruption. “

The alternative is similar to the TikTok experiment streaming shopping, where the app is partnered with Walmart on several live shopping broadcasts.

The process brings more ways to increase product awareness on YouTube – which is especially important considering this as well 33%f buyers say they have bought products they found on YouTube, while watching videos titled selling increased over 400% over the past year.

In fact, in the wider transformation of e-commerce as a result of the pandemic, YouTube has shown great interest in product-related content. In response, the forum has already begun testing e-commerce product information below the videos and new ones AR experiment ads, while it also wants to take a more significant step product tags in video clips that can be added manually or eventually by content producers automatically detected Through Google’s evolving image recognition systems.

It’s part of a broader transformation of an app into an e-commerce machine that allows viewers to buy any product they see in a video clip there and then, while watching, whether or not the content provider specifically labeled those products.

YouTube has already taken a step here adding videos to non-commercial content at the end of last year, which in some ways may be a precursor to adding product tags to all clips based on object identification.

It’s really the next step where users are getting used to seeing and buying products on social apps based on any content displayed (which is also part of Facebook’s wider shopping change) where normal behavior changes and platform expectations change as a result.

That’s why YouTube wants to get off the curve. And while streaming shopping is only a small part of this, it’s a new step toward the next level of e-commerce and social connectivity.

YouTube is making new streaming tools available to a small percentage of content producers as part of this first test.


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