A modern business strategy is not complete without a social media campaign. Instagram is considered one of the best networks to help create a brand and increase sales. With appropriate representation following buy 20 products instead of two in a much shorter period of time than if you used a more traditional campaign. Here we reveal why Instagram is a great place to start an active campaign for your business and how you can achieve your goals most effectively.

Visual impression

The main advantage of Instagram advertising is that it is incredibly visual. You can use different types of content that represent the product from different sides. In addition, through Instagram, you can reveal the aesthetics and inspirations of your brand by attracting more users. Because modern smartphones offer decent quality for photography and video, creating promotional materials is now cheaper, faster, and easier. However, visiting Photography lessons is a fair investment because the quality of the visuals matters a lot. The opportunity to create content immediately is especially great for clothing and apparel brands, which can enhance their reputation and gain more customers when mobile content offers a more realistic object of the product. Unlike stylish catalogs, on Instagram, brands can show their products from different perspectives, closer and farther or on the move. Such practices result in a faster purchase decision.

An endless source of user-generated content

Another reason why you need to use Instagram for your ad campaign on this platform you can produce a lot of valuable user-generated content, mostly reviews of your products. A lot of reviews on Instagram is a great way to improve your brand image and get a decent addition to your content plan.

Your job is to encourage buyers to create messages with your products and tag you. You can then resubmit their material to your stories and collect them for highlights (with the author’s consent, of course) so your new followers can have easy access to evidence of product quality, actual appearance, etc. to check your product with discounts or small gifts. The least you should do is add a call-to-action that reminds people to share their purchases.

Market research tool

Social media make the process of understanding your audience’s needs and preferences much clearer to you. The level of competition is higher than ever before, but this is also a plus for you, as you can research established companies, gather invaluable experience for your growth, avoid mistakes and create more effective tactics at once. By living through the platform, you can find interesting trends and ideas about your content and even anticipate audience reactions to it.

Tracking online life is very important to stay up to date and adapt your strategy quickly as social media trends change rapidly.

Wide range of content types

Another ultimate power of Instagram is the ability to reach your audience in many different ways. The network offers a few usable formats: regular messages, stories, lives, and IGTV. Instagram Reels was also introduced recently, but since this feature has not yet been introduced globally, we leave it at that. We focus on the capacity of other formats.

Regular feeds

These can have many purposes, covering the operation of an online catalog and product description. Here you can also place important information about your working hours, credit and compensation policies, upcoming events, or simply write your thoughts to share and discuss with your followers. Improve the quality of your photos and videos to impress your audience – today’s demand is only for high-end images.


This form of content is believed to be most interesting on Instagram and beyond. For businesses, its most important bonus feature is that you can increase your online presence and connect with your audience multiple times. Stories are also a a good tool for entertaining and engage your followers, thanks for example:

  • Question label. This feature is a good decision if you want to explore your audience. When you submit it, users can post their questions and opinions with it, like a form. And later you can describe the answers in video or text.
  • Quiz. This sticker is essential if you want to entertain your audience and strengthen your commitment to them. Also suitable for gathering the information needed for your strategy – but ask wise questions.
  • Story filters and masks. In addition to entertainment, filters increase traffic awareness of your brand and profile. If the filter is good, new viewers are interested in visiting your page, that’s for sure.
  • Countdown. This label looks like a timer that counts down to the selected date. You can use it to remind viewers of upcoming events on your schedule.

Stories have many other features, and we encourage you to try these to find the perfect type of content.

Instagram Live Ja IGTV

These are forms of communication and education. Life is exceptional if you want to improve your relationship with your audience, customize your brand, or highlight an event. As long as you are, users can post their comments and you can reply to them immediately and genuinely. This is a great way to expose yourself as a business owner and work with your relationships with customers.

IGTV is a video hosting feature that violates the 1 minute limit set for standard IG messages. You can upload frequently asked questions here in a video or previous live sessions if you want to save them to your audience.

A few tips for starting a business on Instagram

  • Place your profile Business settings. It gives you access to analytical features that can be a sufficient aid in your strategy.
  • Try your content, but don’t rush anything. While trends change on Instagram as fast as the wind, consumers still expect some stability from brands.
  • Use Instagram as a basis for open customer communication and support. Here you can gather genuine opinions about your product and reveal your rescue problems, which will increase your reputation as a company.
  • Use influencer marketing. On Instagram, this is an effective way to attract new customers and increase your sales. Totally worth the investment!


Now you know why Instagram is a must-have business, and hopefully you will succeed and evolve!

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